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Case Study
Application for 360 Degree Care for Patients with Severe Illness

Q3 developed for its client a Web and mobile product for helping patients by tracking their symptoms, medications, nutrition, and exercise.


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Company Profile

The client is a New Jersey, USA based firm that focuses on providing patient-centric digital solutions that combine key aspects of care into one, intuitive, interactive, and customized application. The expertize of the client is in providing a variety of online tools to enrich and extend quality patient care beyond office visits, improve the coordination by addressing patients’ needs at home, and ensure seamless communication between the healthcare team and patients.


Business Situation

For a patient with a severe illness, it is difficult to get an appointment and then physically visit the doctor each time at their clinics. The requirement was to provide a virtual coordinated care platform to patients to bridge the gap between the clinic and the patient’s home. The application was designed to provide patients an online platform that could allow the patients to consult the doctors via phones or computers without visiting them at the clinic.



Some of the technical challenges faced during the project are enlisted below:

  • To integrate native modules and the HTML modules with in the same application.
  • To integrate video modules within the application.
  • To make the Web application fast and to organize the code to improve the performance of the application