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Case Study
Auction Management Application for a large Retail e-Commerce Brand

Q3 developed an Auction and Bidding Management Software for a leading Gems and Jewelry manufacturer and exporter with online and TV sales channels in the US and UK.


Q3 global sourcing model gives the maximum benefit to customers in terms of cost savings, improved quality, access to highly talented professionals, flexibility of operations and reduced time to market.


Company Profile

The Client is the largest manufacturer and exporter of colored gemstones and studded jewelry with manufacturing facilities in India and China, sales channels in the US and UK and operates in more than 10 countries at present. The Client has 24 hours jewelry TV channels running in UK, Germany and USA.


Business Situation

The Client wanted an application for managing their bidding requirements and sales of jewelry items. The Client wanted a single code base for multiple applications used at present so as to achieve auctioning, sales, PnP, discounts, Return and Refunds, Manifesting, Customer Management and Administration etc. The complete Bidding Application was divided into two parts, i.e., Web-based and Windows-based application. Using the Bidding application, a user could create and schedule auctions, exhibit auction items through live TV, call centers, or IVR, manage orders, generate invoices, and manage payments.



  • The complete web application had to behave as a windows application in terms of screen display to the end user i.e. each page had to open in a different tab and remain live till the time it was manually closed by the user.
  • Most of the screens were highly dockable similar to what exists in Microsoft Outlook.
  • To understand the flow and functionalities from the existing application.
  • Application had to interact with many other applications of Inventory and finance application, Ware house application and Broadcasting Graphic tool like Pixel Power and Brainstorm and send bidding details on live TV.
  • It was to be a Performance centric application as client had set very high performance acceptance criteria such as Stock Results which were to be displayed within 3 seconds etc.
  • Search Expression Builder was another feature using which user could create his own search criteria and save it for future use also.
  • Application had to maintain Audit Trail for all the changes made in the database via certain sections of UI.
  • Client wanted to have zero downtime at the time of deploying new releases of the application.