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Case Study
ERP Application for Construction Industry

Q3 developed an ERP application for a leading construction firm in the USA.


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Company Profile

The Client is a leading software developer for the AEC (Architect, Engineer and Construction) industry. The client develops cost effective and user-friendly software for the mid to large size AEC firms to ensure successful project delivery, with many clients across North America.


Business Situation

The Client had developed a basic ERP system, which had performance issues and had no scope for the additional enhancements and integrations to newer age technologies. The requirement was to build a cloud based ERP product with an updated dashboard for analyzing construction budgets, augmenting the profitability, and streamlining the costing and scheduling. The ERP system also needed to be compatible with all available web browsers and mobile devices along with a capability to integrate new features, such as Global Currency, Estimation, Time Entry, File Management, Workflow Rule Engine, Custom Reporting, SSRS Reporting, and Word Reporting. A middle tier application was needed to establish the communication between the Client and its vendors.



Some of the challenges faced during the project are listed below:

  • Domain expertise was required for restructuring the construction based ERP system. Therefore, it was required to learn and incorporate the construction related skills into the application.
  • Compatibility with all the web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Accounting integration with the ERP system - Integration with the accounting tools and adhering to the standards of the accounting requirements.
  • Redesigning of Dashboard to show the structured presentation of various functionalities and tools.