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Case Study
Sales Tracking Application for a Mobile handset Manufacturer

Q3 developed a Web-based sales tracking application for one of the leading manufacturer of mobile phones and hand held devices.


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Company Profile

The client is a consumer electronics provider that focuses on providing a wide range of electronic items, such as mobile handsets, tablets, 3G data cards, and LED televisions. The company has a huge sales presence that spreads across the world.


Business Situation

As a provider of the mobile devices, client was not able to keep complete track of the transactions held between different channels of the sales hierarchy. The requirement was to track information, such as delivery of the mobile devices to the right channel, current location of the mobile devices that are delivered, number of devices delivered, and sales of a particular channel. Therefore, the client required an application that can monitor all the channels’ sales as well as current location of the mobile devices.



Some of the challenges faced during the project are enlisted below:

  • Integration with the existing system of the Client. The existing system of the company was required to be integrated with the new system in order to fetch channel wise sales data and exiting store details from the old system.
  • Performance of the application was very slow due to large transactions data processing. This had to be significantly improved.