Q3 engages with customers with the primary objective of bringing lasting value and true benefits of outsourced product development to our customers.

The primary modes of engagement are: 

Project Outsourcing Depending upon the specific requirements and definition of scope, project outsourcing can be done either in a Fixed Price/Fixed Time Model or in a Time and Materials model. 

Extended Team If the software engineering needs are ongoing, the engagement can be in the form of an Extended Team that works in close partnership with the customer either on co-development or completely outsourced development models. The Extended Team model helps our customers create an extension of their own development teams.
Irrespective of the model of engagement, our endeavor is to add value to our customers and work as a partner and not as a vendor. Prices are tailored to meet project expectations, allowing our clients to choose a pricing model or a combination of them. 

In order to make outsourcing successful, companies need to

  • Identify an offshore vendor who can add value beyond just providing lower cost contract resources.
  • Establish a strong relationship with the offshore vendor.
  • Engage with the project managers and focus on the deliverables and the processes to ensure successful delivery of projects.