Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Q3 technologies is a premier in-silico technologies innovation company offering its solutions and services in the areas of Life sciences. Q3 leverages its core strengths in bioinformatics, data mining & analytics, predictive modeling, computational chemistry, computer aided drug discovery, software engineering and research biology to develop technologies and products for research biology and drug discovery.

Discovery Informatics
Our Discovery Informatics team is equipped with highly skilled resources and technologies to impart best of breed services to optimize the drug discovery cycle. Our core competencies lie in chemical structure predictions, heterogeneous databases access, systems and molecular modeling, sequence analysis, comparative genomics. Our bioinformatics and cheminformatics solutions are

  • Lead generation and optimization
  • QSAR and bioactivity predictions
  • Pharmacophore modeling and pharmacophore based virtual screening
  • Structure-directed drug design and De-NOVO ligand design
  • Genome sequence annotation, assembly and analysis
  • Protein sequence analysis, annotation and characterization

Chemistry / Biology Database Development and Management
Our database services are customized to span the entire drug discovery and development cycle, making clients to leverage the research information. Our capabilities lie in data mining, curation and database design and development. We have very good in-house methods and technologies to extract and mine the scientific data and make it electronically available and accessible in desired file formats compatible to all the scientific programs and softwares. We offer

  • Interface or front-end development with advanced text, structure and numeric searches
  • Text mining (patents, journals, articles), web data mining and data analytics
  • Design and development of small molecule databases
    • Target inhibitor specific databases
    • Drug databases
    • Pre-clinical and Clinical databases
  • Reaction databases
  • Pathway databases
  • Chemical lab Inventory databases

IT & Consulting

Product Development
Product development activities encompass the design and development of Chemoinformatics solutions for both Desktop users and Enterprise. We have an accumulated experience in development of

  • Molecular modeling programs
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks, LIMS (laboratory Information Management Systems)
  • 2D and 3D molecule visualization tools, property calculation tools
  • Registration and Enterprise Inventory softwares and applications

Our engineers are well versed in the deployment of technologies such as VC, VB, .net, Java, XML, SOAP, Web services and Open Source softwares, and posses a very good understanding of multi-tier enterprise cheminformatics supported on the backend by Oracle and SQL server.

Product development, sustenance engineering activities at Q3 strictly follows industry standard best practices and methodologies during the entire project and product life cycle. Techniques like Agile programming are very frequently followed. Our managers and architects work very closely with the clients in understanding and mapping the functional requirements mapping, generating the specification documents and project plans.

QA Software Testing
Our QA team is groomed with scientific informatics expertise. We provide our software testing expertise for Desktop and Enterprise products. We provide developer and independent testing with coverage of Unit, Integration, Performance, System and User Acceptance testing with effective test plan, test case design and execution. We follow good practices of QA project management with effective test Coverage, Defect Management. Both manual and automated testing services are employed in-house.

Desktop testing solutions :

Extends to test molecule vizualization, 2D and 3D molecule sketching, MM/QM simulations, compound screening, QSAR and property prediction and calculation, docking programs, pharmacophore prediction and combinatorial library design modules/softwares.

Enterprise testing solutions :

Extends to Electronic Lab Notebook, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Molecule and Inventory database products, Chemistry and Biology databases.

Product Support
We provide product support with an efficient CRM technology for all scientific softwares used for bioinformatics, cheminformatics. We have dedicated team who deliver effective technical support activities to Electronic Lab Notebooks, LIMS packages also. We have a pool of scientific domain experts who on a daily basis interact with clients and customers to solve their software queries, problems and issues.