Q3 Technologies is thoroughly focused on providing solutions to implement AR in new domains. Education is at the top of this list, and we are working to deliver robust and impactful solutions.

Education is one of the most widely debated topics and is something that requires constant changes and modifications to ensure that it is relevant to modern situations. Just reading in class and learning theory isn’t going to cut it. Interactive and creative elements must also be included since this will ensure that students are involved in the learning process. This is the gap that augmented reality companies in education sector like Q3 Technologies hope to bridge.

To understand the power of AR in education, assume the following scenario. A particular diagram is available in a textbook but is missing the labels for each of the parts. With AR, the student can find out exactly what the diagram is, and also, obtain the labelling for each of the parts. Students can also interact with 3D models, allowing them to explore the various features, and they can customize transparency, colours, and styles to understand concepts better. Q3 is looking into augmented reality application for education industryand is quickly transforming the way students learn and teachers teach, allowing for more practical and hands-on experience.

Augmented Reality application for Education industry

Additionally, capturing the attention of students is the best way to ensure that they learn. Having engaging models with animations and sound is bound to attract their attention and will also make them fall in love with the process of learning. If a child wants to learn more about a specific topic, then additional information is easily available on the digital platform. There is no doubt that augmented reality for education industry is proving to be the way forward. Q3 Technologies is leading the charge by making AR accessible to educational institutions across the country.

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