As one of the leading companies in the Augmented Reality sector today, Q3 Technologies is helping companies in the retail and ecommerce improve their customer experience and satisfaction.

The ecommerce industry has been booming over the past 5 years and is quickly predicted to overtake the retail shopping in the near future. The ease of being able to browse through catalogues of items from the comfort of their home is something that had attracted people across the globe. With logistics becoming more efficient, Q3 Technologies can ensure cheaper deliveries and other features; there is no need to even step out of the house to purchase an item.

There is, however, one catch with such a model. What one sees online in a picture and what one receives in person might feel quite different. This is especially true for products such as clothing and shoes where standard sizes are often non-existent, and they tend to vary in small amounts with each brand.

Augmented Reality applications for Retail and Ecommerce industry

Q3 Technologies and many other augmented reality companies in retail and ecommerce sector are involved in allowing users to get a feel for a product before they make a purchase. This means if they would like to know how a particular model of a watch feels like on their hand, they can just use the camera on their smartphone to see how it conforms to their wrist. There are numerous augmented reality applications for retail and ecommerce industry, and it can be also used to personalize the shopping experience. Tools allow customers to see the sizes of clothing that fits them best, and in the future, it might even be possible to see themselves in the application rather than a model with a particular piece of clothing.

Augmented Reality for retail and ecommerce industry has proved to be a boon for both the seller and customer and Q3 Tech is intent on taking sales and customer satisfaction to new highs.

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