Q3 developed an e-commerce Web application for a gemstone manufacturing company dealing in fashion accessories and lifestyle jewelry.

Client Background

The client is a global retailer of fashion jewelry and lifestyle accessories on its proprietary TV home shopping and e-commerce platforms with live telecasts in the US, the UK, Canada and Ireland. The Client’s TV home shopping platform provides direct customer access to over 100 million households on full-time equivalent basis in their principal operating markets. Retail websites in these geographies further expand their customer visibility and engagement.

Industry Landscape

E-commerce has created informed customers who recognized their buying alternatives. There is a huge influx of proprietary web sites, displaying products in the store “as seen on” the home shopping networks or on various web sites, and offering classes on how to become a more knowledgeable jewelry shopper. The user experience needs to be aligned in same manner with just the right appeal and minimize technical issues.


The client wanted to provide the customers an online medium that could help the customers viewing and purchasing the gemstones and other products online. The client wanted a simple, secure, and user friendly solution to handle the entire transaction process. Therefore, the client decided to go for an online solution with an e-commerce website in order to handle the entire process of viewing the products, shortlisting the products, and purchasing the products.


Q3 provided various functionalities in the application to meet the specific requirements of the client. The website was developed using PHP 5.2.17 for the front-end and MySQL 5.0.67 for the back-end. Cascading Style sheet (CSS), JavaScript, and JQuery were used in the application for fast processing and rich graphical user interface. The application used various Web services to make the application as service oriented. The protocol named Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) was used in the application to enable exchanging of structured information in the implementation of Web Services.

Another technique named AJAX was implemented in the application for asynchronous loading of data from the server. AJAX allowed the application to load data from the server without refreshing the browser page. The application used JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to transmit data between a server and web application.

For ensuring security, proper measures against SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting were used in the application to avoid hacking. The explicit firewall named ModSecurity was also introduced in the application to avoid hacking.

Integrated Payment Mediums
The application takes care of its customers in viewing, shortlisting, and purchasing various gems products. This e-commerce website allows the customers to pay through three payment medium, by credit card, by Bill Me Later (BML), and by PayPal.

Easy User Registration
The application facilitates users to register with the application to allow registered users to access various discount and promotional schemes on the products. The application also provides additional discount time to time to the registered users.

Purchase via Auction
The application also allows users to purchase products by an auction, where the users have to take part in a bid and pay within 48 hours through any of three mediums of payment.

Purchase via Live TV
The application also allows users to purchase products with the help of Live TV option, where users can call the client on the number showing on the user’s television and pay through any of three mediums of payment.

Business Impact

Reduced time and effort and improved quality by automation of all business scenarios. Also, JENKINS plays a vital role to get the immediate Project quality report.
Using Selenium offers a cost-effective approach for automated smoke and regression testing of retail e-commerce websites.
QA cycle time for regression testing reduced as much as 32%, while increasing the coverage and meeting quality goals.
Quick response to issues found in production and full-blown regression testing performed in less than 6 hours.
Cross browser testing done across all browser in a short span of time. Increased reusability of testing cases on all platforms.


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