The power of blockchain technology is simply massive. Q3 Technologies has been able to successfully implement this technology in the education sector by revolutionizing conventional evaluation and student record storage practices.

Blockchain refers to a simple distributed and a write-once-read-only record of digital affairs in a chronological order that is shared in end-to-end networks. Q3 Technologies analyzes systems and records transactions and exchanges in a database that can be shared across authorized users. The authorized users neither can delete nor modify any data, and no transaction takes places unless validated by all the users – ensuring better means to manage users.

There are many ways in which Q3 Tech’s blockchain technology helps – it connects the ecosystem to entire universal infrastructure and the infrastructures shared do not compromise its privacy and security. Blockchain can be implemented in the educational field. Blockchain applications for education contributes to reducing degree frauds. It has many applications in the world of learning at individual institutions, groups of institutions and both international and national educational levels. It is relevant in all contexts like schools, colleges, universities, CPD.

 Blockchain Application For Education

Blockchain can be applied in many innovative ways beyond achievements assessments and Diploma management. This tech has a great potential for broader application prospects on evaluation, learning activities, and keep track of the whole learning process for both learners and teachers. As education became more democratic and diverse, it becomes necessary to maintain reputation and trust in certification. Q3 Tech can set up the blockchain such that it could provide more transparency in a massive open, online and secure database.

Blockchain companies in education sector like Q3 provide secure and accessible records, simplified payment systems, validation of certificates and degrees, cost effective, long lasting learning passport, making credentials more credible. Blockchain for education may be a new concept, but it has myriads of possibilities of success in the future.

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