Blockchain technology can add an element of transparency that is truly ground-breaking. Q3 Technologies can help your company implement blockchain technology to revolutionise the way you conduct real estate related business.

When it comes to selling or buying a property, you should always be on the lookout. Property is the largest asset in the world; But risks related to real estate cannot be overlooked. Human errors on paper, fraud, slow processing, and non-transparent transactions; all of these can lead to an unpleasant experience. Blockchain that backs crypto-currencies is entirely changing the real estate market. Blockchain application for real estate set up by Q3 Tech is noticeably a potential benefit as blockchain is a distributed ledger system that maintains growing transaction records. Most of the real estate industries are taking this into consideration due to the benefits it possesses.

Blockchain companies in real estate sector like Q3 Tech are trying to remove the hassles of legal agreements and eliminate the paper money exchange. Using crypto-purchased real estate, the normal investment is changed with instant trading via blockchain. Though blockchain is gaining power over others, still many of them do not understand what it really is. In simplewords, blockchain is considered as a series of computers that keep the record of an event or a transaction in a ledger.

Blockchain Application for Real Estate

Blockchain for real estate industry promises to clearly display every step of the transaction process with information about all the valid documents that are necessary to complete the transaction. Everything is intended to be editable and visible with the details of an authorized person who is involved in the transaction. The final documents will be converted to PDF and hashed back to the blockchain.

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