Client Background

The client is one of the biggest Indian conglomerates with businesses spread across India. The client is engaged in educational institutions, e-learning providers/platforms and independent educational/e-learning advisor and corporate e-learning decision-makers.

Industry Landscape

One of the biggest challenges that universities/educational institutes face include degree fraud, academic record verification, translating and comparing the same degree across different institutions.

Furthermore, the cost of printing authenticating and storing degree and certificates also add to the universities expenses.


The following are some of the points which summarize the opportunity:

Secure Record Storage: With easy accessibility and increasing use of e-learning platforms, more people are enrolling in academic courses to enhance their skills. The client needed a solution to ease the process of validating, verifying and aggregating an individual’s records, thus making it easier for them to apply for jobs.

Reliable, Secure and Transparent Transactions: Transactions processed in the blockchain are indisputable and everlasting. Technology is resilient and does not have any single point of failure.

All the transactions are visible to authorized participants. Transactions are processed directly from peer to peer.

Tedious Record Keeping: The software systems used currently in the education sector lack adequate data security, making them prone to data theft and fraud.

It is not difficult to forge diplomas and degrees, which poses a big risk for universities enrolling the students and also the companies hiring potential candidates.

Data Storage: With increasing student enrollments, the traditional way of a paper degree has become a big challenge.


With the use of blockchain, we aim to eradicate all the issues related to degree printing, verification and storage.

Using advanced smart contracts, academic records will be transferred on the blockchain. It will enable educational institutes and e-learning platforms to issue certificates on the blockchain.

Q3 developed the front-end design of such certificates and validate them, making them immutable and protected against frauds, damages and losses of any kind. We integrated fingerprint technology for certificates, such as a watermark, digital signatures among others.

Using blockchain technology as a decentralized service, we provided solutions to aforementioned problems. Q3 used Ethereum which ensured de-centralization of data and provided back up for all the nodes across the world. Data storage and further platform functionally will be supported via IPFS and Origin protocol. This implementation was time effective, and enabled validation process in a few seconds, unlike the existing process.

The data stored in blockchain is unalterable, and thus protected against data fraud. This provided the employers with another layer of security while hiring new people.

Business Impact

The system developed is robust and minimizes fraud protection.
The system developed leads to time-saving
The application developed is Indestructible via decentralization.


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