Helping Customer Service Managers Improve Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Analytics – Q3 Technologies’ Call Analytics Framework (QCAF)

Customer Service Processes Need Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement in customer experience has become critical to the organizations to stay competitive.  Being able to better understand customer behaviours, predict intents and provide contextualized experiences are required to make educated decisions on customer engagement strategies. Analytics is playing a major role in this area by increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning capabilities to better understand to deliver insights to customer-facing workers or deliver chatbot-aided insights to customers using NLP.  Organizations are continuing to adapt to these changes to stay relevant.

In the case of a call-centre, organizations now have easier and faster access to advanced analytics technologies (using ML and AI tools) that can surface important information from within call logs and systems, and use it to improve overall customer satisfaction by understanding how to evolve and improve the customer service process.

There are five main areas in which advanced analytics can improve call-center processes by:
  • minimizing the wait-time for customers
  • providing quick responses to the questions
  • improving the call-centre process over time by creating a learning path from past conversations transcript of the customer service calls in the most efficient and economical way, driving insights from this information, and feeding that back into the call-centre system
  • improving the content and delivery of agent training by analyzing the performance and service quality.
  • providing intelligent, personalized, friendly Chatbots to customers to answer questions
Optimize your customer service processes with QCAF

Q3 Technologies’ Call Analytics Framework (QCAF) is an analytic application that can integrate call-centre data, apply advanced analytics such as ML, AI, NLP, voice analytics and chatbots technology. This is all done in a single implementation taking 3-4 weeks. Chatbots can be built on the system in less than 2 weeks.

Managers and Agents Can See the Overall and Individual Situations in QCAF

Provisioning of the dashboard for the agents helps to analyze their own calls and the managers can view the in-depth performance of all the agents in a single frame.  The managers can opt to filter-out dissatisfied customers and listen to the portions of the calls where a conversation going downhill.  This powerful insight helps both agents and managers to improve performance at the ground level and address the pain-points in the right manner.

Further, QCAF can extract the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the call recordings and create FAQs for the business.  QCAF can also create quick chatbots using these FAQs that can be implemented and deployed in less than 2 weeks.  The framework delivers high-accuracy in the call-analysis to create better chatbots, which in turn leads to higher chatbot adoption-rate.

In case if the chatbot is unable to answer the questions, it will connect the customer to a live agent, an IVR system, or raise a ticket.  This ensures reduced customer-service calls as most of the questions can be handled by chatbots, which are continuously trained and made intelligent over time.

QCAF will help in reducing your customer wait-time by answering FAQs through chatbots/ voice prompts. It will also help in optimizing agent utilization.  The end goal is keeping the customer satisfied in the most efficient and economical manner. Q3 Technologies can get QCAF up and running for your business in 3-4 weeks’ time.  Please contact us to know more.