The Recent Additions to Microsoft Cloud Marketing, Supply Chain, and Retail Solutions

Microsoft is always coming up with innovative ways to engage its users around the world. Microsoft unveiled a few new Dynamics 365 business apps and industry portfolio expansions at its recent Ignite 2021 conference. Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is a marketing tool from Microsoft that tracks and personalizes customer journeys. Microsoft Connected Space enables enterprises to derive predictive insights from observational data. Supply Chain Insights strives to effectively monitor, mitigate, and manage supply chain challenges.

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Customer Experience Platform by Microsoft

From awareness generation to ultimate purchase, Microsoft’s Customer Experience Platform promises personalized and linked experiences. The goal is to give the right content by combining assets from the existing Dynamic 365 Marketing tools and Microsoft Customer Insights.

Shoppers are drawn to brands that provide high-quality tailored experiences, with more than 80% of online customers purchasing from firms that provide such experiences. Customers usually cease purchasing from a company that does not deliver a personalized experience. Customers are lost on a big scale as a result of inadequate personalized experience strategies.

Data officers can build consumer profiles and manage known and pseudonymous identities using the consent-enabled Consumer Data Platform (CDP) capability. It also administers privacy and security controls and assures data compliance. The supplementary B2B Consumer Data Platform gathers data from a variety of sources, including email, point-of -sale, CRM, partner systems, and social media. A set of content snippers for motivating customer emails is generated using AI-suggested delivery tools and content generation.

Customer Experience Platform by Microsoft

Microsoft Connected Space

“Connected Spaces” is a new service that has joined the Dynamics 365 arena. It’s all about offering people in any space new insights into their interactions. Companies can monitor safety in high-risk locations and queue management from retail outlets to factory floors with the help of Connected Spaces.

Connected Spaces allows organizations to seek the benefit of observational data with the help of AI-powered models. It helps to unlock the prediction and insights about the environment with real-time response.

Connected Spaces provides trend and analytics data about places, people, and other topics. Foot traffic patterns, dwell times, cashier queue lengths, and product display interaction may all be tracked using Connected Spaces. Mattress retailers such as Mattress Firm use Connected Spaces to track the success of in-store promotions.

Supply Chain Insights

Understanding supply chain delays due to pandemic and historic supply chain challenges, Microsoft launched Supply Chain Insights. It is all intended to bring visibility into supply chains across multiple tiers of suppliers. According to Taylor, suppliers can get real-time data, assess risk and mitigate the problems and prevent massive disruption to occur.

Supply Chain Insights allows the customers to seek the benefit of enriching supply chain data with external signals like environmental disasters, global weather data, or geopolitical events to predict the impact on shipment. Such predictive power and increased intelligence will help the suppliers and organizations to mitigate the supply chain challenges.

With the help of Supply Chain Insights, companies can also reconcile data from 3rd party data providers, customers, logistics partners, and multi-tier suppliers. AI-powered Supply Chain Insights also help in the simulation of the supply chain by creating a digital twin.

Supply Chain Insights


The Microsoft Team continuously keeps working for a better IT ecosystem. The goal is to make the business process smoother, eCommerce, and supply chain smarter with these recent advancements. We at Q3 Technologies have dedicated experts to offer Microsoft-based customized solutions and we keep ourselves updated with the latest industry insights to serve the most-advanced needs of our clients.