5 Major Areas Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionised
This is an era of machines. There is hardly any aspect of human life, which is untouched by the machines. Nowadays, the machines are not just performing manual tasks easily and swiftly, but they are making decisions on their own by using their cognitive intelligence. They use this intelligence just as human beings are using […]


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Customizing Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence
Providing quick interactions without any complicated mechanism is the aim of good customer experience (CX). We see how each improvement we make in a system leads to a duplication of effort making things harder for the customer. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) simplifies and improves this process because of machine learning that is inherent […]


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AI as a Game Changer in Healthcare Systems
artificial intelligence in healthcare
When you see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted all aspects of our domestic and commercial life, we wonder if there is any limit or a sector that doesn’t benefit from this technology. Robotics in automobile manufacture, chatbots in the shopping mall, and predictive behavior in supply chain management are the dominant players for now. […]


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