Video Classification System for a Leading Skills & Talent Development Company
Q3 Technologies successfully designed, developed, and implemented a Machine Learning based solution targeted to identify and categorize the video files into specific categories based on the keywords used in the video script. Thus, categorized videos were used for training of agents. The implementation involved use of data and text preprocessing, creating a model and video […]


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Predictive Maintenance Solution
Q3 Technologies developed a Predictive Maintenance Solution for one of the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer, to predict the failure of machines 24 hours in advance. The client wanted to reduce defects caused in production line from 8-9 defects per million to ~3.4 defects/million. Q3 Tech Team developed the solution where the client can see […]


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AI-ML based HR Analytics Solution
The client wanted an Intelligent Predictive Analytics Solution using AI/ML and its algorithms to predict Employee Attrition in the organization depending upon several factors such as: Work Tenure, Age of the Employees, Salaries, Distance travelled daily to reach office/Commute Time, Assigned Managers, Employees’ Gender, their Marital Status, etc. Technology Used – Python, Sklearn, Xgboost Better […]


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Cattle Detection and Tracking for one of the fastest growing dairy farming company
Q3 Technologies developed an open-source solution for tracking of livestock and identifying any anomalous behavior based on historic trends for them using computer vision techniques to take near real-time attention by providing treatment to cattle in the form of medicines, equipment, and care. Technology Used – Camera Vision, CNN,SSD MobileNet, Faster R-CNN, Raspberry Pi, Jetson […]


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Customer Segmentation for a leading Jewelry Retailer
Q3 Technologies helped the Client in developing the RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) analysis model which is used as one of the popular customer segmentation techniques. The segmentation of customers was helpful in effectively designing the target, maximizing the return on their marketing investments. Technology Used – RFM Analysis Higher return on investment as the […]


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Customer Review Tagging using NLP and Machine Learning
Q3 Technologies helped the client in developing a Machine Learning based application that segments the customer information through the data collected from point-of-sale devices. The executives can provide better shopping recommendations and unique offers to each customer based on this segmentation and further analysis. Technology Used – Natural Language Processing (NLP), Python,NLTK, Gensim, spacy Increase […]


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