Industrial Telematics Fleet Management Solution for a leading IoT solutions provider
The Client wanted a platform which help them in creating multiple trips, assign vehicle to those trips and other related activities. Q3 Technologies successfully developed an Industrial Telematics application for the Client which helps them to track larger vehicles through different parameters like route, status, location etc. Technology Used – Java 8 Live Tracking of […]


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IoT Transformers Monitoring for a Large Indian Conglomerate
The Client used manual method of monitoring the transformers where physical visits were required at scheduled intervals. Q3 Technologies provided an IoT based transformer monitoring system for checking the health parameters of the transformers in real-time and alert the concerned people through e-mail/SMS. Technology Used – Adafruit library, MQTT protocol Increased Transformers’ Life due to […]


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IoT based Vending Machine Management System
Q3 developed a Machine-To-Machine (M2M) application – an evolutionary and emerging concept that connects people with appliances, systems and smart devices. Technology Used – BitXml M2M Real time usage reporting available via smart phone or personal computer, as every transaction is automatically tracked and recorded at the user level. Many of the client’s operations run […]


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