Mobile Automation Testing for a Global Transport Services Provider
Q3 successfully implemented automation testing for Mobile Apps using Appium as an Automation Tool. This tool intends to provide a more reliable, accurate, and perfect method to eliminate the human error factors developed for a UK-based client. Technology Used – Appium, JSON Wire Protocol Fast Executions Multiple Device/OS Support Reusability of Tests Reduced Costs Speed […]


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Devops Testing for an E-commerce Website
Q3 successfully designed, developed, and implemented a scalable enterprise solution using Jenkins and Selenium to provide an automated Release management and Testing approach, which takes care of the complete and major part of the Release Auto deployment, and Automated testing of the major/critical sections of their ecommerce website. Q3 was instrumental in helping the client […]


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Automation Testing of an E-Commerce Web Application built on the Hybris Platform
Q3 build automation scripts and tested an e-commerce Web application for a gemstone manufacturing company dealing in fashion accessories and lifestyle jewelry. Technology Used – TestComplete 12, Selenium Reduced time and effort and improved quality by automation of all business scenarios. In addition, MHT Report plays a vital role to get the immediate Project quality […]


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Selenium Automation for a Large Content Management Product
Q3 effectively automated the process of build deployment and execution of Selenium scripts on multiple browsers and varied servers. The server environment includes Windows-Tomcat, WebLogic Cluster, Linux Cluster, WebSphere, and more. Technology Used – Selenium Webdriver 3.5.1, Jenkins CI/CD, GitHub, DevOps, JUnit 5, Maven Automated Testing methods increased Software Quality and Reliability; Reduced Defects and […]


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Device Diagnostics and Testing Application for a Mobile handset manufacturer
Q3 developed multiple applications – mobile and desktop based, to ensure that all the devices undergo quality test, first at the manufacturing site and then at the service center, before they are shipped to the market. The application also allowed the end users to test their devices. The desktop-based application allows to view the test […]


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