Lack of bank branches in rural areas in India combined with various other obstacles such as lack of access to information is a stumbling block for the progress of women in rural India. Millions of women in the low-income bracket suffer disadvantages that hinder their social well-being. But, we have overcome these pitfalls through the advancement of technology.

Rising use of AI to solve problems

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with other techniques such as chatbot technology has made it clear that women are capable of achieving huge things by being themselves. Illiteracy is no longer a problem because they can use their cellphones to get all the information they need. The combination of AI with chatbot development solutions is helping microfinance advisors in the villages of Maharashtra and Odisha develop a better understanding of these problems women face.

Good social interaction apps

Emotional Analytics of Social Enterprise (EASE) is a mobile app which helps microfinance advisors get a better idea of the audio and video input with the help of AI. By getting a cognitive and emotional status update of their clients, they can improve the cross-cultural exchange. This helps them determine which keywords make people disengage and which ones help promote better exchanges.

Another app that is helping in this regard is Grameen Guru. This is a multilingual chatbot that uses augmented reality. Many people are unable to read or understand written material. If someone is using the app on their mobile phone and wants to know something written in a brochure, all they have to do is hold the app facing the document. The virtual assistant in Grameen guru will start up a conversation with the user in the local language. It will explain all things written in the brochure.

Improving the lot of women

The chatbot development service providers in India plan to coordinate the working of Guru and EASE through the Grameen Foundation. The main aim of this service is to help the underprivileged of India especially women to get ahead with financial backing. This collaboration will remove the obstacles including access to financial services social interaction skills and illiteracy. Low-income women are thus empowered to take part in a variety of social activities.

The Grameen Foundation has begun by introducing Guru and EASE in 300 villages in North India. It has already introduced the G-LEAP e-learning platform used by over 1,000 microfinance workers. This way, new disruptive technologies are finding new ways to address complicated social challenges.