Our Expertise

Digitalization is rapidly spreading in all organizations, changing ever more of their business processes. Digital business is more than technology but technology is central to it. Digital business creates new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds and enabling dynamic and complex interaction of people, businesses and intelligent “things.”

In facing the challenges of digital business, IT organizations must be both proactive and responsive. Agility is essential to effectively enable and sustain new business models, new products, new client engagement scenarios and new experiences.

Modernization of the application portfolio is perhaps the single biggest enabler of future-state End User Computing architectures. The growth of cloud delivery and a multichannel, web-enabled delivery of enterprise applications to both traditional and mobile endpoints will be the foundation of digital business empowerment.

Q3’s Digital Services offerings therefore include the following modernization services:

  • Architecture Audits
  • Legacy App Modernization
  • API Based Integrations
  • Cloud Architecture and Migration

Along with the Digitization services portfolio including Mobility, Customer Experience Management, Automation and Analytics, our Application Modernization offerings are key to customer’s succeeding in their digital journey.