Growth usually comes with its own set of challenges: the problems of scale and unplanned surges. As its existing IT ecosystem lacked the agility and reliability to respond to growth, a consumer electronics player turned to Q3 technologies to provide an innovative solution.

Client Background

Headquartered from Japan, the client is a leading global manufacturer of electronic products and solutions for consumer, business and industrial needs. It uses innovative technologies to provide solutions, not just products, to make everyday home and business life simpler, convenient and energy efficient.

Industry Landscape

Dealer Management Systems are used by consumer electronics owners. It contains the features that manages finance, sales, parts, inventory and administration. It makes it easy for the companies functioning with multiple dealers.

A dealer management system increases the efficiency of a business. In a consumer electronics industry usually the business makes their own software that streamlines their business and later they integrate the software with other systems to help the business and the dealers. But with a dealer management software you can take care of all the dealer’s business process from one software.

It takes care of the product ordering, inventory management, sales and customer tracking, dealer networking, and other added functions that comes to exist due to integrating with other systems.

Flexibility is the watchword for these companies as diverse manufacturing technologies and global consumer demand trends continue to drive radical changes in how products are designed, built and brought to market. Foreign collaborations and mergers are on a rise. A new wave of industrialization is throwing up several business opportunities for electrical and electronics market to further its market. Applications for this industry should address all such needs in the right manner being fast, flexible, intelligent, centralized, and highly responsive.

In this respect, inclusion of functionalities as well as support and maintenance rendered by Q3 for the client exactly meets this need.


The client was seeking to develop a web portal and a scalable mobile application to facilitate information sharing about various schemes, enable order/indent management and approvals, perform query management, provide installation and demo service call logging and deliver various sales & inventory information to trade partners and authorized personnel.

In addition, the Web Portal was required to facilitate the following:

  • Enable Trade Partner to see critical operational details, get updates on new initiatives, and raise Service requests, place indents and orders in a quick and handy manner for efficient operations.
  • Enable responsible entities in Sales Process to take timely action and provide quick approvals.


Q3 technologies offered its expertise in application development to the client to evaluate the key steps and processes to implement the solution within stringent time lines.

Middleware Component
To tackle the constraint of distributed data, our team developed the MDM system as a middleware component to communicate with SAP, CRM, and DMS applications for supplying the master data to external applications. The MDM application was also facilitated with the data versioning and approvals of record for tracking purpose.

Sales Force Automation system
To maintain the sales tracking, an Android and iOS based SFA system was developed using SQLite as database. The REST web services were used to fetch, save and display the data from the database into the application. Application supported the clients’ dealers to log installation/ service requests for self or end users. In addition, an SFA web console was also developed to access the dashboard and various reports. Real Time Integration worked towards building a quick approach to tackle things before time.

Account Statement
This module will be used for viewing the account statement. The data of the account statement will be coming from SAP via web service as incremental sync and will be stored in database of dealer portal application.

Confirmation of Balance
This module was used to generate the monthly statement for trade partners. Trade partners need to provide the agreement for the monthly balance statement. The COB would come from SAP through web service and will be stores in the dealer portal database by sync process.

Credit/ Debit Note
The Credit/Debit Note module was used to view the credit/debit note provided by the company to the TP user. All credit/debit notes would come from SAP through web service and would be stored in the dealer portal database by sync process.

The Dashboard module was used to view the Dashboard screen, notifications, control panel, user profile, and modules of DMP application in the left navigation pane.

Dealer User Group Management
This module was used to create master user groups for delegation of authority in the dealer portal application. The master user group would be created by the Client Group users. Dealers to create users to delegate the tasks will use these user groups.

Indent/Order Placement & Management
This module will be used to place the order by trade partners or by BM/BCH on behalf of the trade partners.

Login Screen
The user will have SSO (single sign on) in dealer portal application. This application will have web services exposed so that other application can utilize this service to implement SSO.

Sales and Inventory
The Sales and Inventory module will be used to view the primary and secondary sales. The data of the primary and secondary sales will come from CBD application via web service as incremental sync and will be stored in database of dealer portal application.

SPOC Creation
The SPOC Creation screen allows the user to create a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for query (ticketing) masters.

Report Generation

  • Account Statement Report
  • Credit/Debit Note Report
  • Sales Order Status Report
  • Invoice Report
  • COB Compliance Report
  • PI Sales and Inventory Report
  • TP Sales and Inventory Report
  • Price List Report
  • SPOC Creation Report

Business Impact

Immediate cost savings with focus on maximizing revenue and increasing operational efficiency.
Quick information sharing across the network contributed to accerelated turn around time.
Reduction of management effort up to 30%, helped to achieve the strategic goals of the client.
Rapid execution of the tasks ensured competitive edge for the client.
Eliminates duplicate data entries with the help of real-time check to ensure accuracy with enforced exception handling.
Centralized system improves visibility to the higher management in their planning activities.


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