Q3 developed multiple applications – mobile and desktop based, to ensure that all the devices undergo quality test first at the manufacturing site and the service center, before they are shipped to the market. The application also allowed the end users to test their devices. The desktop based application allows to view the test status of the connected devices but only for the duration till the device is connected to desktop application.

Client Background

The client is a renowned player in consumer electronics major who focuses on providing a wide range of electronic items, such as mobile handsets, tablets, 3G data cards, and LED televisions. The company has a large sales presence that spreads across the world as it operates in low cost feature phone segments.

Industry Landscape

The global consumer electronics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 15% to nearly US$ 3 trillion in revenues by 2020.

Every year, hundreds of consumer electrical and electronic goods get recalled, dealing serious reputational and financial damages to brands and retailers. The most common causes of recalls are safety-related, including overheating, electric shock and explosion. In most cases, these faulty products can be traced to low-cost manufacturing destinations. The consumer electronics market is crowded and extremely competitive. No distributor of electronics can afford to bring products to market without first ensuring they are of the best possible quality.

The client’s traditional method of testing the mobile devices and tablets running on the android operating system was outmoded and required transformation so that when the products go into the market, they are flawless and in accordance to the quality standards. In order to achieve this, the client wanted to develop an application that enables the manufacturers, service centers and the end- users to conduct tests on the products, themselves and see the status reports.


The Client wanted to transform the traditional method of testing of its mobile devices and tablets running on the Android operating system. They wanted all the devices should be tested first at the manufacturer and service center’s end, before shipping the devices into the market. A device should be tested with respect to the hardware, memory, and other segments. Also, the client wanted the application to synchronize the complete test report of the tested device with the database at the same time so that it could be accessed anytime when needed. They also wanted to allow end users (consumers) to test their devices and see the status.

Therefore, the client required a mobile application that could allow manufacturers as well as consumers to test devices and a desktop application that could synchronize the diagnosis report with the database (in case of manufacturer only).


Q3 designed and developed android and web applications to meet the specific requirements of the client. Our experts designed a mobile application for the consumer, manufacturer, and service center users. The application has categorizes such as screen test, camera test, and touch tests.

In addition Q3 developed the desktop application which is intended for the manufacturers’ and service center users. The application also synchronizes the complete test report of the tested device with the database at the same time so that it could be accessed anytime when needed.

For establishing the connection between the mobile application and the desktop application, we implemented a “Device Library”. This library allowed user to establish a USB mode connection between the mobile and the desktop application.

The application provides the following features that are based on the functions performed by the different user category –

Quality Assurer
The application would allow the Quality Assurer to perform tests on their respective devices. The application would also display the summary report of the diagnosis. It allowed the quality assurer to view various types of device information, such as general information, battery information, memory information, and root status of the device.

Service Center Users
The application would allow service center users to view the test status of the connected devices

The application would allow the admin to manage users based on the roles and permissions assigned. It allowed the admin to view existing models, edit and add new models. Also, the application allowed the admin to add/edit/delete region, state and service center for defining the location and export the report for tests performed by admin user, service center user and line user.

Business Impact

Effective feedback on performance helped in preventing the downfall of the brand identity. The test performed on the device and the status reports resulted in the withdrawal of defective products. The featue of saving the test history enables root cause analysis of problems.
New processes & automated systems leads to eradication of manual testing of devices thus reducing the cost of operations.
The application helps the buyers, contract manufacturers and consumers to test devices for any hardware or memory related issue.


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