Gartner Data and Analytics Summit is attended by individuals in the roles of Information Managements and Master Data Management, Advanced Analytics Leaders, Architects and IT executives. The event provides insights on:

  • Building and executing effective data strategy
  • Implementing best practices for the CDO/CAO role and the teams around them
  • Preparing for fast-moving trends such as machine learning, Hadoop, Spark, Internet of Things and Blockchain
  • Assessing the value of your information assets and identify opportunities for monetization
  • Expanding the impact of your MDM program and ensure continued success
  • Empowering your organization with self-service data & analytics capabilities
  • Applying analytics to reinvent the customer experience
  • Establishing effective governance for data & analytics to address quality, privacy and security challenges

The opportunities to generate business value from data and analytics are infinite. Together, data and analytics are taking center stage as the single most powerful catalyst for change in the enterprise. This year, the event embraced the full range of information and analytics challenges one faces, including:

  • Building and executing an effective, holistic data and analytics strategy
  • Preparing for trends such as AI, Hadoop, IoT and Blockchain
  • Maximizing the impact of your BI, MDM programs
  • Establishing effective information governance for better quality, privacy and security


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