Q3 successfully designed, developed, and implemented a scalable enterprise solution using Demandware to provide a cloud-based ecommerce platform for a US-based client. Q3 was instrumental in helping the client set-up base in Japan, thereby helping in expanding its business.

Company Profile

The client, based in California, has several individual brands. Its fashion lifestyle brands range from footwear and comfortwear to sportswear.

Industry Landscape

The processes involved in running an ecommerce business generate a huge amount of data at the back end. For enhanced customer experience, ecommerce operations require a secure, cost effective, accessible system for storing data & enabling online transactions. Thus, moving operations to the cloud enables complex business processes to drive more productivity.


The client wanted to design, develop and maintain exclusive ecommerce websites for their one-stop brands using cloud based architecture and frameworks. The client desired to take strategic steps for ensuring complete data protection and wanted to make intuitive interfaces for its customers. In addition, multi-lingual support was required to provide accessibility to the customers in their native languages and responsive designs to run the application successfully over all screen sizes such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles.


Q3 addressed the challenge of developing a high-end ecommerce website by using Demandware, a sales force cloud-based ecommerce platform.

Tag Management and Heat Maps:To track user activities on the website and to analyse the most visited sections, tag management was implemented using which user interactions can be analysed based on demographics, locale etc. Heat maps created for different subdivisions of the website could help the client determine popular sections. Demandware implementation of Tealium data layer was also done to enable tag management for all the brands.

A/B Testing :Split testing or A/B testing was used to determine user engagement levels. Coding was done in Demandware to carry out A/B tests to further enhance user experience and to decide interface fine points that can give better conversion rates.

Implementation of the entire Helpdesk :Q3 was instrumental in setting up the entire helpdesk functionality for the client’s customers. This functionality included the ticketing system and the FAQ system as well.

Multi-lingual support :Demandware scripts were used to create pipelines and to provide multilingual support. Demandware frontend was developed to setup the Japan page from scratch and translations were performed as per business requirements.

Payment and Checkout :The Adyen Payment Gateway was used to produce checkout skins and A/B tests and the Monetate & Qubit platform was deployed to customize the site features.

Product List Pages(PLP) and Product Display Pages(PDP) :The EMEA PLP and PDP were completely redesigned for the client along with custom refinements so that the design aligned with the US pages.

Additionally, a 3rd party tool was used to implement the reviews feature in the website. Q3 experts also updated the responsive design for the client’s portfolio websites.

Business Impact

The migration to sales force cloud delivers the better performance to the system in terms of speed, quality, security, reliability, and scalability.
The extremely cost effective solution provides a huge data storage on cloud.
The responsive design helps the customers access the products and brands from anywhere


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