Q3 Technologies helped in developing 360◦ view for our customer which is a large US based consulting firm that operates through multiple sales channel across geographies. With all the features in a single dashboard, the analysis also provides insight into their product profiles and activities.

Client Background

The client has expertise in business management, technology, and space management. They bring a structured approach to complex business projects and help their clients to arrive at clear and informed solutions for their business and technological problems.

Industry Landscape

The system should be able to pick the correct group of products based on the BOS (bill of service) type and sub type provided by the customer and update the cost of the correct product on completion of a component. Additionally, multiple email notifications to customer/CRM users, waiting workflows and backtracking to a previous component was also required. Reports were required to track the progress of an on-going case along with historical data.

Dashboards were required to track the going-live groups, pending pledge payments, donations and new profiles created. A self-service portal with an integrated payment gateway was required for online customers. A bulk email feature was required to reach out to the customers to inform them about new releases and events.


The client was losing its customers due to high costs, low user engagement on its online portal. The company turned to Q3 Technologies to glean analytics-driven insights from the company’s customer base. Q3’s in-market and analytics teams developed a strategic roadmap to guide the company to get 360◦ view of customers and their product profiles. Thus, understand the customers need and propensity to buy a new product.

To obtain a full understanding of the company’s pricing and customer information, the Q3 team also accompanied the company’s sales and channel personnel, completing on-the-ground assessments of sales and distribution practices.


Q3 provided various inputs to meet the specific requirements of the client. Microsoft Power BI and other analytics tools were used in discovering the data and correlating it to past trends. Another technique named market – basket analysis, cross – selling patterns were implemented in the application of sales strategy. In addition, our experts implemented the customer life value analysis to track the customer activity over the web portal.

Our experts created a data warehouse, which allowed the mid-level executives leverage the self-service BI tools for generating deeper insights through slicing and dicing data at various levels. This allowed the business to get rid of IT support for their day to day analytics requirement.

Business Impact

Single page overview of all pertinent business user information to facilitate informed decision making.
Gain insight to at-risk customers and proactively plan for positive outcomes.
Combines up-to-date information from multiple data sources from different platforms.


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