Media and telecommunications have been revolutionised due to the advent of the Internet of Things. Q3 Technologies has played a major role in enabling companies to provide a wholesome media and telecom experience to their customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rising as a potentially transformative facilitator in today’s scenario where Telecom enterprises plan to use various digital technologies for reinventing and experimenting on their business models. If sketched and realized the right way, the Internet of Things for media and telecom companies can permit the innovation of value-added products and services, and end-to-end solutions for their trade clients.

Q3 Technologies has been working with the Internet of Things applications for media and telecom for quite a while. We found that companies can occupy the lowest place in the IoT value chain by merely providing the requisite infrastructure to help businesses connect their machines and sensors. Here, the customer is the IoT service provider and not the end-user. If a telecom brand assumes the role of the IoT platform provider, they will go a step higher in the value chain. Their responsibility will then include the provision of services like device management, rating and billing, product catalogue handling, and customer care and billing.

Internet of Things application for Media and Telecom

Internet of Things companies in media and telecom sector can deal with enterprise customers by promising them a better experience. They can actively manage the IoT stage as well as the underlying media, data, and services by adopting a managed services model that involves multiple vendors.

We, at Q3 Technologies, can help firms by offering data aggregation and warehousing to various industries, with cloud-based connectivity. We can also assist with analytics solutions, enabling enterprises to form actionable insights from the humongous data collected from several devices.