The retail sector has become highly advanced with increasing implementations of IoT technology. Q3 Technologies has helped companies improve their product placement and customer experience through IoT.

The world is becoming increasingly connected. As such, consumers have begun to expect technology to anticipate their needs and give them an incessant shopping experience, whether online or offline. To meet these expectations, many retailers have turned to the Internet of Things companies.

Integration of in-store inventory tracking with other stages of the supply chain such as distribution improves by leveraging the Internet of Things for retail, leading to much more efficient operations. Smart shelves inside the stores, that track stockpile using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. RFID empowers retailers to monitor supply levels and locate items in the store in case of missing piles as well as makes automated re-ordering feasible when inventory gets low. Outside of the store, IoT provides asset tracking solutions that keep track of stuff on its way from the retailer.

Internet of Things Application for Retail1

Apart from this, smart dressing rooms are also an Internet of Things application for Retail that Q3 Tech is currently considering. Digital screens showing the current collection and offering options for inquiries and assistance to the shoppers will soon be used. We can help customers run through different styles, ask for other items for trial, or send the selected ones for purchase via smart mirrors in the dressing rooms.

Moreover, IoT is highly influential in the domain of marketing and product placement. Q3 understands this well and is assisting sellers in mapping the foot-traffic in stores and use these insights on data for sales progress using video or wireless sensors. Knowing the trouble areas for customers’ navigation and shopping also helps retailers arrange the store layout to be more efficient and user-friendly.