Colleges and schools are developing faster than ever, and students are being introduced to innovative means of teaching. IoT has the potential to revolutionise the education system, and Q3 Technologies is working towards this. 

The way in which the Internet of Things for education industry supports educators can deeply influence the society. Q3 Technologies believes that there are two aspects to examine here – how students are being taught and how the educational institutions can bring in IoT to develop campuses.

IoT will be an auxiliary tool in enhancing the environment in schools and colleges. It can connect scholars all over the world to give added advantages to students in terms of education and knowledge. Internet of Things application for education will also help students relate theory to practical utilization. Moreover, teachers can focus on individual pupils for a more personalized learning experience, leading to better results.  It can change how student success is measured and communicated. Some of the prevailing technologies implemented in smart schools involve smart boards, tablet computers, and 3D printers.

Internet of Things for Education Industry

Although the Internet of Things companies in education sector have not yet reached the full potential of their systems, many schools are now embracing new technologies to supervise attendance, transport and security systems. This is a great sign for the entire industry. It incentivizes us to innovate and build systems based on IoT.  For example, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) installed in ID cards can help monitor and track students’ whereabouts in schools. Apart from all that, real-time report of devices can help authorities quickly repair or replace devices to avoid disruption in classrooms.

Educational institutes are always attempting to make their campuses more secure and safe as it is a high priority for everyone involved. Merely being able to track school kids and employees can build safety on multiple levels. Furthermore, setting up school buses with GPS transmitters can help parents efficiently track the location of their child anytime and anywhere. Q3 Tech is exploring all this and more through effective implementation of IoT.