Internet of Things has revolutionised the gaming industry. Q3 Technologies has been instrumental in enabling gaming companies to give a better user experience to the consumer.

Today, there are endless ways to implement the Internet of Things companies in gaming sector, and Q3 Technologies is aiming to capitalise on this market.

Video gaming has sustained extensive changes in around the last 10 years. And it’s the mobile gaming industry that has experienced the major revisions because of the endless stream of free games released to the market. IoT is suitable for gaming hardware and devices as well.

Internet of Things for Gaming Industry

From snake to virtual reality casinos, it took two decades alone for mobile media to explore new revenue streams. Mobile gaming existed long before but as the mobile phones were small, and handsets were quite incapable, people awaited a more modernistic and fun mode.

At present, the Internet of Things for gaming industry has caused a big shift in how consumers play games, changing the international video game scenario. The field of mobile video games especially is seeing a success wave of free-to-play games, as well as the paid ones.

An abundance of hardware and software, including accelerometers, sensors such as touch and pressure sensors, cameras and heart rate monitors are a part of smartphones and tablets now. The Internet of Things application for gamingtaps all of this to report and collect data on user experience. Activities like analysing and tracking the correct data are required to enable IoT to work its charm in this industry. Thus, every mobile gaming platform could coordinate the collection of data in addition to preserving the privacy of a player. Q3 Technologies intends to reimagine gaming through IoT and come up with innovative solutions.