Q3 Technologies design and developed a SharePoint-based application to track the best leads from the microsoft online system which was a significant data for finding business opportunities.

Client Background

The client is a US based consulting firm with expertise in business management, technology, and space where business management meets with technology. They bring a structured approach to the complex business projects and help their clients to arrive at clear and informed solutions for their business and technological problems.

Industry Landscape

The Client had realized that every business needs to have a process for acquiring leads. You need to identify them, nurture them, communicate with them, identify their core problems and provide a solution that eventually makes them customers. This process needs to be executed flawlessly in order to bring in revenue. Therefore, the client wanted to develop an application which tracks the leads as identification data to find a new business opportunity, from the lead database (Microsoft online system). The requirement of finding the best leads was to inculcate the methodology of getting the finest lead out of uncountable leads and to process it through a typical workflow for converting the leads into business with revenue.


The client wanted to build a SharePoint based application in order to identify the best lead to convert it into a business.

The count of leads database was unpredictable and to find the best lead that has the potential to qualify as a business and convert into sales and revenue, was also challenging. Therefore, the Client decided to develop a mechanism to track the best lead(s) efficiently and process these leads using SharePoint Online system.


Q3 developed the lead tracking system using Online SharePoint 2013 Enterprise edition to use various inbuilt features of the technology like high level security, performance, and quick response time.

Q3 wrote the stored procedures in SQL for the instinct data retrieval. After getting the data, it was pushed on the SharePoint and then it was analyzed at run time. Later on, the various typical workflows were applied on the data to process the best leads out of the uncountable leads.

The application required a distinctive schedule, which was developed using SharePoint to schedule the activity and to minimize the response time of the application. The customized web pages and web parts were also developed to display the data with customized look and feel.

Business Impact

The application helps in identifying the best leads out of the uncountable leads which was a significant data for finding business opportunities.
The application provides a reliable and scalable solution for searching the best leads and to convert the leads into full-fledged business opportunity and thus, bring in revenue.
The client can customize the data representation using web parts visible on the user interface.


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