Both drug discovery and robotic surgery have seen massive improvements through machine learning. Q3 Technologies is leading the industry in implementation of machine learning in the healthcare sector.

The healthcare sector, just like the other industries, has begun to invest in the concept of Machine learning in all aspects. We, at Q3 Technologies, are focussing on the vast potential hidden within the healthcare sector that can be achieved through machine learning. A technology like this will reform countless domains of the medical world.

Diagnosis in Medical Imaging is one among such machine learning healthcare applications. Deep learning, a subfield in ML, will play a more vital role in diagnostic applications as it becomes simpler and as more data sources (counting rich and diverse forms of medical imagery) become a part of the diagnostic process.

Machine Learning Healthcare Applications

A great deal of focus is on pooling data from various mobile devices to aggregate and utilize the live health data. A few tech-giants believe in the potential of this and are exploiting machine learning for healthcare companies. As the pool of consumer data stays, scientists and patients may believe that researchers will have more resources for treating tough diseases and unique cases.

The healthcare industry has multiple stakeholders and strict regulatory laws. Machine learning companies in the healthcare sector can accelerate the rate at which drug discovery is done in the industry. This is the third most attractive aspect that will attract drug companies to implement machine learning.

Robotic Surgery is the next domain of application of ML. Q3 Tech can build applications that allow surgeons to manoeuvre sophisticated robotic limbs while operating with fine detail, and in compact spaces.