Q3 technologies developed map component functionalities for a leading courier services provider. The system was used to embed tiles and map services into Web form application in Silverlight and also provided 3D controls.

Client Background

The client, based in Turkey, is a leading courier and shipping solutions provider. The client also facilitates its customers with customized field operations solutions as well as mass distribution.

Industry Landscape

Until recently, GIS maps and spatial data, either on paper or in electronic format, have typically been available only to a limited work group or project team. Maps were often highly technical, and required the use of sophisticated GIS software to navigate, edit, and print. Each time any new data was made available, the map had to be updated by a GIS technician. Hosted web based mapping services provide professionals with a vital tool which can be used to manage projects, communicate more effectively with clients, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and productivity.


The client’s was using functionalities of map that were not enhanced to display the visual information on the map. Moreover, challenges can often arise on a project from the need to ensure that the data on the map are current and accurate; that the data are displayed in a way that meets the needs of a particular viewer (i.e. only the important features are displayed for that viewer’s purpose to avoid distracting or confusing clutter); and that the map is readily available to those who need to use it while allowing the project director to maintain control over map distribution.

Customized display of map using ready-to-use custom control was required to create an attractive and interactive map. Q3 made use of major map components (Map Viewer, Toolbar, Timeline Viewer, List Panel, and Blank Container) along with the data source (such as Bing Maps™, Google Maps™ OpenStreet Map or Yahoo Map), to create a powerful display of maps.



Q3 technologies with the team of expertise were entrusted to work on the map components to make the application more user-friendly.

Multiple Tiles: Using the system developed by Q3, any data in the form of tiles can be shown as maps. Open layer tiles were used to convert the client’s own data in tile format into maps.

Graphical Representation of Sales Data: Comparative analysis of any data can be done and all sales data can be represented graphically using the system developed by Q3 for the client. Sales data within a country or a state can be viewed by simply hovering the control over the state and the graphical data is shown along with other stats. Data can either be added through API (in XML format) or manually into the code itself.

Custom Control: The system developed for the client can be effectively integrated with any application. The system was not an application in itself, but a custom control for other apps. This custom control was created with a developer guide so that the system can be integrated with other applications on need basis.


Map Server Control: The map components were given an extra feature of customized map control, to establish the client’s own map data server within the corporate network to display images on the map.

Representation of regions in the form of Points, Lines and Polygons: Data for a particular location was denoted in the form of Points, Lines or Polygons. Lines and Polygons are essentially a collection of Points. A Polygon represented the circumference of a state or a city.

Multi-Lingual Support: Q3 provided multi-lingual support for the client: The system was developed in both English and Turkish.

Business Impact

The client can easily access the map and interact with both the map & data. Map features and views can be customized to meet business needs.
Helped to maintain creative control of the map and underlying data and prevent unauthorized access.
Intuitive Map Navigation Tools helped members of the workgroup to explore and access a wide range of site data on demand.
Several layers of data incorporated into the map like aerial photography.


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