Q3 developed an iPad Application to collect information about Pharmaceutical products using advanced pre-defined notes templates and exporting the information into excel sheets.

Client Background

The client is based in Australia and is a renowned leader in pharmaceutical supplies. The client provides online shopping services such as, vitamins, supplements, beauty products, health products, and medicines.

Industry Landscape

Paper-based methods are relatively costly, time consuming, and largely susceptible to human error. While still in use by the majority of practitioners and projects, paper-based methods can take months or years to complete, from research design, through data-collection, inputting cleaning and analysis, to dissemination of findings. The output from such research can be delayed to such an extent that when the findings are released, they are of limited use, due to being out-of-date, or at least losing their original currency.

To overcome these problems, the client wanted to transform the traditional method of research and data storage practice to digital and integrated data storage and wanted to develop an iPad application to allow the user to fill out the form directly on a tablet while in field using an iPad device.


On – field research activities require easy to use, secure and robust mode of operation. Our client wanted Q3 to build an application that would allow their team members to fill in information directly on tablet while in field using and iPad device. The application also wanted the application to synchronize the complete details entered on iPad to the database. The client also wanted e application to guide a user to organize and aggregate all the information related to the products. It was also required that the application should allow users to upload the product image, business card image and to use Optical Character Recognition technique to extract information from a business card. The application should also allow the users extract all the notes to an excel sheet and email to any email account.


our experts conducted extensive research and used iOS and .NET to develop the iPad application that allowed the user to fill in details while working on field and then synchronizing the collected details with the database in a highly secure and robust mode of operation.

Paper-less Data Collection

With the implementation of the application, data collection for the client became absolute paper-less. Collection of the data was done on iPad devices which was simultaneously getting synchronized to the main database.

Optical Character Recognition

The application allowed the end-users to scan business card using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR converts scanned or photographed images of either typed or printed text into machine-encoded/computer-readable text.

Edit Pictures/ Scanned images

OCR Scanning and Abbey Library technology allowed the end-user to take picture of business card and to edit the text written on it as per the usage.

Systematic Data Saving

Libexcel library technology reduced efforts by converting and saving all the collected data in the local database in excel format. This made it convenient for the end-users as they need not create excel sheets manually.

Easy management of Notebook, Notes and Tags

The application also made it easy for the end-users to manage their Notes, Notebook and Tags.

Notebook is a container that holds notes.

Notes were created to contain the product details like product image, product description, product type, comments and also contains user details.

Tags are used to bookmark the notes with unique names, so that a specific note can be searched among the rest of the notes.

Smart Data Type Recognition

The application is smart enough to identify email address, phone number, etc. and extract them on separate fields based on their data type. This prevent the user from the rework of segregating the data and entering them manually.

Flexible architecture

Because of high scalability, in future it will be easy to synchronize multiple notebooks on the server. This will help the admin to analyze multiple notebooks and compare data.

Powerful Search Module

The application is having a very powerful search module which allows to search any note/notebook/tags. It allows to search using wildcards as well.

Business Impact

Speed & accuracy of field collected data – the application allows to synchronize the complete details entered on iPad to the database and thus saving a lot of time and efforts.
Allows the client to save time and money and provides a quick return on investment
The application eliminates duplicate data entry and data accuracy is now increased by capturing original data directly from the source and transcription errors are reduced.


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