Q3 Technologies developed an advanced Predictive Maintenance Solution for a prominent telecom equipment manufacturer, enabling them to predict machine failures 24 hours in advance. The client’s goal was to reduce production line defects from 8-9 defects per million to approximately 3.4 defects per million. The Q3 Tech Team created a solution that provided real-time dashboards displaying comprehensive details about each machine in the production line, including defect information which facilitated effective monitoring and data-driven decision-making. This empowered the client to take corrective actions promptly and significantly reduce defects.

Q3 Technologies’ Predictive Maintenance Solution successfully empowered the client to achieve their defect reduction goals. By leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics, the client enhanced their operational efficiency and improved product quality. The Predictive Maintenance Solution provided actionable intelligence, revolutionizing the client’s maintenance practices and enabling them to deliver high-quality telecom equipment to their customers.

Technology Used – LSTM (Long Short Term Memory), RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks)

Business Benefits: Anticipated & Achieved

  • Reduction In no. of defects from 8-9 defects/Mn to ~3.4 defects/Mn products
  • Improved Maintenance Schedule By predicting failures in machines 24 hrs. in advance
  • Improved Production with Lower rate of Machine Failures
  • Costs Saving on Maintenance Schedule & Defects

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