Q3 Technologies effectively developed a project management system that manages multiple projects in a limited timeframe.

Client Background

The client, based in Germany, is a leading provider of software and services and is the top contender in the demand of customized solutions for business software specifically in the IT industry.

Industry Landscape

With the influx of technology and wide horizons, projects are not confined to same geography. The expansion requires an overhaul to systematically manage concurrent assignments in a quick and reliable manner.


The client’s existing application was used by their large clients to manage their internal projects. However, managing multiple user roles, permissions and projects became a nightmare with the passage of time.

The Client desired to give specific roles and permissions in both application level and project level. Apart from this, an email notification to resources on addition/modification of phase/task, options to create dependency on phase and task levels. Gantt chart functionality similar on the lines of the microsoft project plan was also a requisite.


Q3 realized and built the application in such a manner that the client can quickly manage projects on their own within stipulated time.

To meet all client requirements, Q3 came up with a team of dedicated developers and proposed the N-Tier .Net architecture with C#, MVC 3.0, WCF services and Entity Framework. The advantage of using WCF services was that UI part can be modified without affecting the business layer at all.

Business Impact

Summarized email notification of all activities in project.
Improvise the way of project management and collaborate easily across their organizations.
Fully integrated chat with any number of participants, status reports, automatic reminders, and project notifications.
Facilitates the document sharing, document versioning, and commenting functionalities.


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