Q3 helped the client in designing, developing, and implementing a mobile & web based solution for tracking of the products that are being sold through different channels.

Client Background

The client is a leading provider of industrial and consumer electronics products. The client has an strong global presence across 50 countries with 7 manufacturing locations in India. The client has highly automated manufacturing units to produce world-class products supported by an extensive distribution network.

Industry Landscape

Managing the sales activities is a challenging task for the companies with their extensive sales undertakings. The challenge is to fit the portability in sales intelligence, stocking the distributed sales data, tracking the sales activities, and preparing the sales reps with the prospects and agendas for their day to day activity.

Thus, a salesforce solution is needed to automate the sales tracking activities, make the CRM data accessible, and monitor the on-site employees to increase the sales and productivity.


The client environment was managed through SAP, CRM, and DMS applications. However, the processes were manual and the stored data was vastly distributed. Thus, the client wanted a power-packed system for managing the distributed data into a central location.

The client also wanted to automate the process for tracking of the sales activities as well as the employees associated with the sales activities.

In addition, the client needed a ticket generation and issue tracking system to tackle the creation, modification, and resolution of issues reported by the customers or employees.


Our proficiency in supplying data management solutions, sound knowledge of sales force automation, and proven expertise in software development helped us in delivering the Master Data Management System (MDM) and Sales Force Automation System within a restricted time line.

To tackle the constraint of distributed sales data, our team developed the MDM system as a middleware component to communicate with SAP, CRM, and DMS applications for supplying the master data to external applications. The MDM application was also facilitated with the data versioning and approvals of record for tracking purpose.

Geo Tracking: To maintain the sales tracking, an Android and iOS based SFA system was developed using SQLite as database. The application was GPS enabled for tracking and recording the sales activities of the employee.

Channel & Retail Working: Day to day Channel and retail working were automated using the mobile app.

Login Authentication: The REST web services were used to fetch and display the data from the database into the application. The application facilitated the auto-capturing of IMEI number of the device during sign-up and sent it to the MDM application for data retrieval.

Web Console:In addition, an SFA web console was also developed to access the dashboard and various reports.

To furnish an automated customer support platform, a ticketing management system was also deployed as a part of the SFA application for raising the issues.

Business Impact

The innovative approach of using the application as a middleware component assisted in communicating with other applications such as SAP, CRM, and DMS to get the master data for external application.
A rich user interface and the brand specific theme provide the minimal navigation.
The quality solution assisted the users to define and manage the various masters and hierarchies such as geo, sales organization, and partners.
The ingenious process enables the user to get the lead using the lead management system and convert the lead into the opportunity.


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