Clients require an effective way for their sales team to be able to record day to day activities including attendance, geo-tagging, audits at retailer & distributor locations, retrieval of outlet details, carry out sales & marketing activities and surveys. Clients also want a robust solution to ensure the proper storage and re-transmission of chat-messages and data in case the internet connectivity is lost.

Q3 has developed an indigenous solution that is available as a mobile app and allows tracking of sales and inventory, viewing various statuses, latest price lists, indents and order placements, account statements etc. It also has very rich user dashboards for reports and user profiling.

The prime functionalities of the mobile application for are as follows:

  1. Field Force Tracking


  • Security and Authentication – Authentication system to ensure secure access to the application.
  • Offline Access – Offline access available and all data can be synced when connected to the internet.


  • Working Status – To mark attendance in office or field working or any other activity for the day. This keeps record for the number of days worked.
  • Employee Time Tracking – Automated capturing of employee work timings to provide insights into absenteeism or late comings etc.
  • HRMS Integration – Integration ability with any HRMS system.

Beat/Coverage Management

  • Store Coverage Creation – Ability to specify the list of outlets to be covered for a working day/ days, taking into account planned holidays etc.
  • Journey Plan Approval – Planning of beat/journey plan for the day. Supervisors to approve or reject the journey plan, and ability for users to create the beat themselves
  1. Sales Tracking

 Order Booking

  • Flexible ordering system – Ability to Create, View, Modify and Delete the orders online as booked by retailers or partners.
  • View historical sales – Understand sales patterns better so that you can anticipate and respond to future demand more easily.
  • Store Manager Relationship – Interaction sessions with store managers to check on the current relationship.
  • Store Strength – Fill out the staff strength of the store for a comparative analysis among all brands.

Payment Collection

  • Payment Collection – Track collections to ensure timely payments to maintain cash flow.
  • Payment Options – Wide range of payment options including cash, cheque, DD etc.
  1. Competition Tracking

Competition Tacking

  • Counter Share – Determine & record the share of different brands in the store.
  • Counter Layout
  • Does the layout of the counter work?
  • Are the shelves fully stocked?
  • Is overcrowding an issue during the showroom’s busiest hours?
  • Are complementary products displayed together/nearby?
  • Display Share – Analysis of the products of other brands available for sales.
  1. Audits and Surveys

Visual Merchandising

  • VM Quality Check – Merchandising material quality checklist to ensure customers motivation towards making a purchase.

Standard Audits

  • Store Hygiene Audit – Check the pricing of the available products in the market and ensure no arbitrage.
  • POSM Audit

      Manage store critical areas like:

  1. Is there enough promotional material? Is it up to date?
  2. Do the branding elements deliver as required?
  3. Is the material displayed appropriately?
  • BI Audit

 Interactive Dashboard and Reports

  • Summary Level Reports – Summary reports return your data with subtotals and other summary-level information. Display reports like Attendance, Collection, Competition and Order Booking reports.
  • Custom Reports – Reports to give you access to the data your organization has accumulated over time, enabling you to make informed decisions.
  • Interactive Dashboard – Dashboards help you visually understand changing business conditions so you can make decisions based on the real-time data gathered with reports.
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