It becomes increasingly tedious to keep track of logistics and workflow if done manually. Q3 Technologies is enabling companies to stay at the top of their game through Salesforce Automation.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are spread over huge boundaries, and it involves an entire web of retailers, who can own small stores or larger ones. The workflow of this industry is massive, and it is an impossible task to maintain the record of the daily workflow spreading over large territories. If it is not supervised properly, then there are multiple threats which can hamper the productivity and sales.

To make the daily workflows easier and couple the productivity and sales to increase customer satisfaction, Salesforce Automation for FMCG/FMCD/FMEG are used. The purpose of the Salesforce Automation application for FMCG/FMCD/FMEG has ensured an efficient supply of logistics. It maintains stock status, periodic reports and help in developing policies to ensure distribution constantly.

Salesforce Automation For FMCG

The Salesforce Automation Companies in FMCG/FMCD/FMEG sector use End displays at location-based service centres, which provide a satisfying experience for walk-in customers. Through this smart technology, direct reports from the field are tracked, which gives an idea about the fellow competitors and their strategies. The tasks of the Salesperson are automatically scheduled and reports are collected in the system thus giving them very less scope of wastage of time.

Analytical tools are given to the salespeople to predict the market and to improve coordination among the team members. It provides integrated mobility and instant access to the main system.

Q3 Technologies, a leading salesforce development company, provides cutting-edge salesforce automation technology in the FMCG industries. By enforcing this technology, you can get a complete idea about the market demands, employee performance, distribution, and sales chart. This program will help you maintain your daily workflows without any extra hassle.

Besides FMCG, other domains like healthcare, media and telecommunication industry also benefit from Salesforce Automation.