Q3 Technologies incorporated advanced techniques to ensure secure and safe mode of online payment for the client.

Client Background

The client is a leading architect of online payment fraud and chargeback management solutions and reduces or eliminates the risk of payment fraud for merchants, call centres, consumers and payment processors.

The prime focus of client is on preventing fraudulent payment transactions. Real-time cyber security solutions reduce the risk of ecommerce for customers, merchants and processors.

Industry Landscape

The emergence of security breaches has revealed the necessity to create a better way to be authenticated and identified. Strong authentication provides a high level of security and can be supported by many devices or technologies.

Monitoring, defending, and remediating against risks and threats throughout the network prevents downtime and loss of control in significant times. With cyber threats growing in sophistication and number, more complex tools are required to combat them. As organizations lack in-house expertise to develop such tools, they seek the assistance of managed security service providers. 


Q3 was approached by the client with the requirement to arm their existing application with several advanced features to make it more secure and robust. Inclusion of these functionalities removes need for manual reviews, channelize a quick path for low-risk transactions, incorporates risk-based active authentication for suspect transactions, and delivers indisputable proof of purchase.


The solution devised by Q3 was integrated with multiple CMS (Magento, Drupal, X-cart, Demand ware) and payment gateways (PayPal, Auth.NET, CyberSource, Moneris, and Planet Payment) seamlessly. Upgrades were done to the existing backend system to emerge as an advance and robust payment-neutral chargeback management system. A PCI-compliant document repository that helps the merchant in managing their account, transactions, and billing system was incorporated.

Along with that, entire billing and payments module were refurbished to generate invoice routinely to client without any manual process. Highly robust error handling procedures were added to trap severe errors ensuring rapid actions. 3D Secure (MPI) system as a SaaS based solution and multiple biometric signature capture support were added features.

Business Impact

Solution provided great compatibility with multiple payment gateways.
Critical security issues resolved by introducing 3DS Secure MPI.
Multi biometric signature capture support was significant to perform identification in a proper manner.
Robust and automated chargeback management system removed the hassles and streamlined the activities.
Automated billing management system allows rapid generation of the invoices without hitches.
Warning messages explain risky sites to people without IT team’s involvement


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