Q3 effectively automated the process of build deployment and execution of Selenium scripts on multiple browsers and varied servers. The server environment includes Windows-Tomcat, WebLogic Cluster, Linux Cluster, WebSphere, and more.

Technology Used – Selenium Webdriver 3.5.1, Jenkins CI/CD, GitHub, DevOps, JUnit 5, Maven

Business Benefits: Anticipated & Achieved

  • Automated Testing methods increased Software Quality and Reliability; Reduced Defects and Time-to-Market.
  • Aptly perform Cross Browser Testing due to concurrent execution of Automated Tests.
  • A large number of Test Cases Validated and Updated as per the recent version of the product and Final Release given within deadline.
  • Accelerates the Quality and Reliability of the product.
  • Ample Reduction in Release Cycles for production releases and weekend outages.
  • Automation Development Phase reduced by over 50%.
  • Enhanced Business Agility for Faster Decision-Making, Improved Response Time and Accuracy for Better Compliance, and Automated Impact Analysis for Smarter Business Strategy.

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