Q3 Technologies effectively automated the process of build deployment and execution of Selenium scripts on multiple browsers and varied servers.

Client Background

The client, based in US, is a global provider of technical solutions such as workspaces, enterprise data intelligence, content solutions, applications, and operations Management. Clients’ mainframe and distributed software solutions are widely used by various enterprises for financial and brokerage services, insurance, healthcare, education, government, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, and retail.

Industry Landscape

Latest technology advancements crops up the challenges of storing and managing the unstructured data. Proper data management requires simplified and customized document processing standards. Automation plays a vital role to process documents in the right manner to save the energy and materials and improves quality, accuracy, and precision.


The client’s existing products were running on platforms such as Windows, Linux, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, SQL Server and DB2 and it was quite tough to finalize the manual testing on all the platforms. In addition, due to frequent releases of the client’s product in market, it became essential to automate the existing product for improvise the quality of their products.


QA team at Q3, armed with deep expertise in automation testing helped the client in channelizing quality check of the product through Selenium WebDriver. The QA experts implemented JENKINS CI/CD approach that automatically picked the build and performed the testing.

The team also automated all business cases using selenium, checked the code on BITBUCKET, and scheduled the job over Jenkins to fetch and execute the code on the slave machine. In addition, the Extent Reporting feature was implemented to view and email the real-time reports post the unit tests.

Business Impact

Automated testing methods increased software quality and reliability; reduced defects and time-to-market.
Aptly perform cross browser testing due to concurrent execution of automated tests.
A large number of test cases validated and updated as per the recent version of the product and final release given within deadline.
Accelerates the quality and reliability of the product.
Ample Reduction in release cycles for production releases and weekend outages.
Automation development phase reduced by over 50% reduction.


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