For one of the world’s largest contract food services and facilities management companies, Q3 was chosen to customize & develop an intranet portal. This portal was implemented to view employees’ details, announcements, events’ schedule, blogs, MD’s messages, and to allow employees to add information individually.

Client Background

The client is a multinational contract foodservice, cleaning, property management and support services company. It is the largest contract foodservice company in the world and has operations in over 50 countries. These services include facility management on a large scale for a variety of clients in various sectors and market places.

Industry Landscape

Technology has played a significant role in reshaping the contract catering & infrastructure management sector. Organizations can benefit greatly from employees sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating and learning. Collaboration tools and intranet portals help in sharing information from various departments including FAQs, documents, forms and contact details. Duplication of efforts is avoided which saves time and money, keeps employee morale up and streamlines work. A common goal is to create a search-driven self-service environment.


The client wanted to transform the traditional method of viewing employee’s details, events details or any other company-related information through notices or emails. Therefore, the client decided to develop an internal portal for the company where employees can view MDs’ message, announcements, event schedule, event photos and other employee details at one place. The client also wanted a secure system to handle the internal Knowledge Management System (KMS) where employees can save and access important documents.


Based on our experience in Web application development, our developers designed apps that met the expectations and brought usability to the target audience. The apps developed were robust, scalable, and cost effective.

The intranet portal developed using SharePoint Enterprise edition uses various inbuilt features of the technology such as high level security, high performance, and quick response time.

Fully Customizable Dashboard: The dashboard that was developed for the client was completely customizable and had provisions for posting announcements, MD’s messages, blogs, updates etc. It also enabled employees to book conference rooms for team meetings and discussions.

Q3 customized the user interface of the portal, which was compatible with web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Legal Documents/Contracts Maintenance: All the legal agreements, notices & vendor contracts could be easily maintained using this system. A document library was also created for the client’s various internal policies etc.

Knowledge Management System: A KMS was developed to add the important documents which are saved in different folders and subfolders according to their categories in the document library

Customizable Reminders: Alerts & reminders could be set for expiring vendor contracts. The frequency of these reminders can be set to notify the contract team on time.

Work Flow Maintenance, Activity Assignment and Time Tracking: Q3 created customized workflows for the client which are easily maintained from this portal. Activities, tasks and targets can be assigned, and the employees in turn can log the status of the assigned activities on a regular basis. Employees can also log their daily work hours through the portal.

Admin Portal: The admin portal was developed to manage the permission based login criteria and user roles.

Business Impact

Ease of use – The application takes less loading time since SharePoint minimizes the application load time. It allows the user to manage various official activities from a single intranet portal.
Cost savings through self-service- The user can add and edit the documents and share them with other employees. It also allows the user to view MD’s messages, list of announcements, employee’s details, upcoming events schedule and news related to company.
The application is easy to handle and helps the client to manage the business with less maintenance cost. It also provides a highly secure and robust mode of operation.


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