Q3 Technologies achieved remarkable success in designing, developing, and implementing a highly effective Machine Learning solution. This solution is specifically designed to identify and categorize video files based on the keywords extracted from the video script. The categorized videos are then utilized for training agents, enabling them to acquire valuable skills and knowledge. The implementation process involved extensive data and text preprocessing, ensuring that the extracted information is accurate and relevant. By creating a robust model for video classification, Q3 Technologies ensured that the categorization process is efficient and reliable.

The training categories covered various domains crucial for skill development, including Fact Finding and establishing Needs, Relationship Management, Motivating People, Recruitment, Approach, Prospecting, Solution Presentation, and Closing.

By categorizing videos based on specific domains, agents can access targeted training materials that address their individual learning needs.

Technology Used – Robo 3T, Python3.7, Anaconda, Nltk library, Text Data Analytics, Bag-of-words approach, Data Wrangling and Pre-processing

Business Benefits: Anticipated & Achieved

  • Establishment of Standardized & Efficient Processes
  • Improved Accuracy By 75%
  • Improved TAT By 80%
  • Higher Quality Standards with Low Failure-Rate
  • Better Employee Delight to help Focus Essential Areas
  • Faster Go-To-Market with Efficient Resource Optimization

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