Q3 Technologies is driving the future with unique virtual reality solutions in the field of real estate. With this new technology, potential clients are able to get a much better experience of properties without having to visit these locations physically!

Real estate has often proved to be a highly effective business. As long as there are people, apartments and commercial property is something that will always be newly constructed. It has been present for more than a thousand years and will continue to see an overwhelming demand in the foreseeable future.

Virtual reality for real estate industry is one of the newest technologies that aim to transform the real estate industry. To understand the virtual reality application in real estate, consider the following situation. An agent wants to show a client a particular property, but it is situated quite far away. Travelling to the property can be time-consuming and difficult. The solution to such a problem? Use VR to experience the property first-hand, exactly how you would have done if you had visited the place in person. With just a VR headset, it is possible to have a 3D walk through the entire property, and this can be done for dozens of locations before a choice is made, from the comfort of your home or office.

Virtual Reality Application in Real Estate

Q3 Technologies is one of the top virtual reality companies in real estate industry that is working towards both guided visits and interactive visits. Guided visits are where a person is taken on a virtual tour, but it is predetermined, and one is not allowed to choose what exactly they want to do. Interactive visits are more complex and are much more interactive, allowing you to control the movement around the property. The use of VR has incredible scope in real estate and is something that all companies must implement.