Mar 08, 2017

Q3 Technologies enters into another agreement with a Japanese multinational electronics company to develop an application to facilitate the information sharing about schemes. The application will assist the order or indent management, approval workflows, query management, and will facilitate the service call logging of installation and demo of the purchased products. The application will also deliver the various sales & inventory information to trade partners and AM/ BM.
Q3 developers will be using Android, iOS and .Net technologies to develop this application.

Feb 15, 2017

Q3 Technologies enters into an agreement with a global consumer electronics major to develop an application that would allow the authorized users to forecast for various items. Forecasting would be region wise, state wise, and SKU wise. After forecast creation, it would be sent for the approval. Only authorized users would be permitted to approve/reject the forecast.
The application will be developed using .Net and Android technologies.

Jan 31, 2017

Q3 Technologies enters into another agreement with a World Leading Order Fulfilment business to enhance their existing FM (Fulfilment Manager) application, which is the primary ERP module for handling all the NPFulfilment warehouse services. The existing application has performance and scalability issues. In addition, there are some concurrent manual processes that need to be automated.
Q3 will be using latest .Net technologies to enhance the application.

Jan 09, 2017

Q3 Technologies signs an agreement with India’s first private equity fund established for investments in real estate to develop an e-commerce platform for real estate management. The application will not only focus on project planning and task management functions of the organization, but will also ensure ecosystem collaboration needed for the business.
The e-commerce platform will be the main enablement platform through which any client or service partner will be able to avail or provide services of the client respectively. A visitor will be able to Sign In/Register into the application and will be able to avail various services provided by the client. Q3 will be using latest .Net technologies to develop the e-commerce platform.