Custom Software Development Company

As a leading custom software development company, Q3 Technologies leverages knowledge bases and experience from a large number of domains to create unique solutions for industry leaders across the world. We offer processes and infrastructure that ensure the maintenance and continuity of the quality standards required in our delivery processes. In today’s highly competitive world, a custom software development company can help you optimize costs and processes, reduce downtime and help you stay ahead in the market.

Q3 Technologies is a highly responsive and adaptive development partner. We bring more value to the project by asking “what more can be done?”. We are always figuring out better and efficient ways to implement projects. We help businesses see the value of each improvement and innovation quantitatively, and substantively. This is achieved by the use and effectiveness of Lean, Agile and DevOps development techniques. We apply new user experience (UX) practices to application design. Our strengths lie in developing a bimodal approach to balance software maintenance and innovation. We are constantly improving quality with new test approaches and automation and evaluating new development technologies, trends and tools.

Custom Software Development Services

Software Consulting Services

Our Software Consulting Services help you with the planning and implementation of software solutions for your business along with staff in software development projects. Our team of experts, skilled resources, and decades of industry experience have helped us deliver values for clients across the globe.

Custom Software Development

Give your business competitive advantage and lead in a crowded software marketplace. Our custom software development services help drive values and create strategies for the planning and quick delivery of personalized software solutions.

Enterprise Software Solutions

We help businesses grow by creating end-to-end enterprise software with varying range of complexity and composition. This includes all the steps from planning, design, and development to data conversion, deployment, testing, regulatory compliance, and iterations and updates.

Offshore Development Centre

We provide you a mature offshore team of developers with the knowledge and skills to use both legacy and modern technologies. This team augmentation will help speed up the development process. Taking an agile approach toward self-managed teams helps us reduce project cost up to 50%.

Software Maintenance and Support

Creating and delivering a product is not the end of the journey. At Q3 Technologies, we also provide software maintenance and support services. This implies a host of services and teams working to ensure your software functions with stability, is scalable, performs optimally, and provides security.

CRM and ERP Development Solutions

CRM and ERP development solutions help you devise strategies for marketing, sales, and customer support. We provide a wide range of CRM and ERP development solutions that provide benefits like sales process automation, customer service automation, marketing automation, efficient enterprise communication, and employee engagement.

Benefits of Our Custom Software Development Services

Unique Business Solution

Every business is unique, so how can one solution work the same for every organization? Personalized software helps your business streamline its processes and gives you all the features and functions you need in one place.

Greater Security

It’s easier for hackers and third-party attackers to target businesses if they know how to break into their systems. A custom software solution is unique, not available for public use and therefore, harder to break into.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI) and Reduce Expenses

Off-the-shelf solutions provide a wide range of features, but you won’t use all of them. With a custom solution, you use and pay for only those services that you will use. This means lower costs and higher ROI.

Industries We Serve

Custom Software Development Solutions give your business an edge over the competitors. You can bring to life your unique approach for solving business problems instead of paying for complex solutions with features you neither need nor use. In Q3 Technologies, we delivered custom software solutions and create value for businesses, domains, and industries around the world. This includes industries like:

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