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News | October 2023
Q3 Technologies’ Innovation Set to Reshape Electronics Services with an Integrated Platform
Q3 Technologies is set to unveil a groundbreaking Integrated Service Platform. This innovative system will combine customer and partner mobile apps with a robust web portal. The Customer Mobile App will offer location-based services, multilingual support, and streamlined checkout, enabling personalised profiles and real-time communication with technicians. Simultaneously, the Partner/Technician Mobile App will streamline workflow management, ensuring efficient service delivery. The Web Portal will handle backend operations, including user management and comprehensive e-learning modules. This innovation promises to redefine service interactions, emphasising technological advancement and user-centric design.
News | October 2023
Q3 Technologies Set to Implement CI/CD Automation with Jenkins for a Key Financial Services Provider
Q3 Technologies is proud to announce the acquisition of a substantial project, primarily centered on elevating the software development lifecycle via Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automation. Through the adoption of Jenkins for CI/CD, this undertaking is poised to simplify developer tasks, elevate code deployment, and overhaul development procedures, all of which promise to deliver heightened efficiency and innovation across the board.
News | July 2023
Q3 Technologies Signs Contract to Develop Mobile-Friendly SharePoint Portal for a Global Conglomerate
Q3 Technologies is proud to announce its collaboration with one of the largest conglomerates in the world to create a cutting-edge mobile-friendly SharePoint portal. The project aims to design an interactive microsite that empowers employees to monitor activities, exchange ideas, publish articles/case studies, ask questions, and participate in discussions across diverse domains. As a responsible partner, Q3 is committed to delivering a state-of-the-art platform for their esteemed innovation cell, ensuring seamless accessibility and user experience on various mobile devices.
News | June 2023
Q3 Technologies Joins Forces with Leading Product Testing Firm for Cutting-Edge Game Testing Services
Q3 Technologies proudly partners with industry leaders in automation gaming testing, providing comprehensive test solutions for top-quality gaming console experiences. Our expert team conducts performance, compatibility, and regression testing, ensuring immersive gameplay and valuable feedback for enhanced user experiences. With a commitment to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of industry trends, we deliver cutting-edge solutions and revolutionize the gaming testing landscape.
News | May 2023
Q3 signs an agreement to develop an event management app for both web and mobile with the All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council.
The Q3 team will build a responsive Web Application with a Hybrid Mobile App. The Mobile App will be available on both iOS and Android platforms with interactive layouts that can automatically adjust and adapt to any device screen size, whether a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. React Native, React JS, Bootstrap, HTML 5.0, and JavaScript will be used for application development.
News | January 2023
Q3 signs a deal with one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturing company.
Q3 Team will be helping the client to create a high-performance application that can manage large datasets and store data in a data lake that gets further integrated into SAP. The process has to go through managing large datasets while maintaining historical data that will be needed for at least five years at the time of audit. Our team is working towards implementing email notification functionality for the vendor’s declaration and self-declaration functionality in the portal. The application will be developed using: ASP .NET Core, MVC, WebAPI
News | November 2022
Q3 signs an agreement to develop a unique web application with one of the world’s top independent passive telecom infrastructure providers.
The solution will help the client streamline their EMI collection process and manage it smartly by sending notifications and nudges to the agents. The notifications that are sent will be based on various internal and external factors, allowing for more intelligent strategies and automated decision-making. The development is being done using HTML5, CSS, and jQuery.
News | November 2022
Q3 signs a deal with one of the leading independent passive telecom infrastructure providers in Bangladesh and is an indirectly-held subsidiary of American Tower Corporation.
Our team is helping the client upgrade various portal functionalities, along with the invoice management and tracking system. The process has to go through multiple approvals. Our team is working towards implementing the One Time Invoice Approval functionality for Bangladesh Finance users in the portal. The Technologies being utilized include ExtJS, PHP (7.3.9), and CakePHP (2.10.13).
News | September 2022
Q3 signs a deal with one of the largest and most experienced travel and tourism organisations in the UK to enhance the existing website.
Q3 Tech’s team is working on enhancements to the existing website that will give it a more intuitive look, greater responsiveness, and the ability to plug and play with images and content. Our team is assisting the client in updating the portal’s numerous capabilities and integrating the HubSpot WordPress plugin to create a form that is easy to use for collecting the user’s contact and location details. The interactive dashboards will further help the client manage the content, such as news, events, videos, blogs, FAQs, etc. The application will be developed using: PHP, WordPress 5.x CMS, Git, Visual Studio Code, etc.
News | August 2022
Q3 signs another agreement with a leading electricity distribution corporation in Mumbai for the development of smart and interactive dashboards for existing WMS.
Our team is assisting the customer in upgrading various portal functions as well as the log jobs and abnormalities, carried out by the field executives and generated from the SAP as a CAPEX (new job) or an OPEX (maintenance). The client will benefit from the interactive dashboards by making effective decisions across a variety of WMS box-related operations connected to planning, allocation, execution, and closure. The technologies being utilized include Android SDK, .NET Web Forms, Kotlin (Mobile), ASP .NET, etc.