Having worked with Q3 on a number of significant projects to support our group strategy of customer improvement, revenue generation, compliance and creating synergies & shareability with our development. Q3 have always delivered on time and to a great standard, meaning we continue to confidently rely on them for a large majority of our digital […]
Working with ‘Q3 Technologies’ has allowed us at Avanti West Coast to create website at a high pace. Since the change from ‘Virgin trains’, we have been working towards getting the Avanti website up to par with what the previous standards were. The support from Q3, from their employees and working practices, they given us […]
Have worked with the Q3 Technologies team for about 5 few years now, which in itself is a great testament to them. Seriously impressed with all of the team – their effort, knowledge and capability is of a very high level. They persist to find solutions and are super-proactive keeping to tight deadlines. I trust […]
We have been working with Q3 for close to 2 years in developing a product for our company. They have been a true partner, from the initial design to rolling out the product across the organization. As we develop the product, they consistently give us insights into the latest technologies and best practice. They adapt to […]
Samsung was looking for a technology firm to help us build enterprise mobile analytical tool for our sales and marketing division. We are very happy to have picked Q3 technologies as our partner. Even though there were many technical challenges during the implementation of the project, the Q3 team was quick to respond and deliver […]
We have been working with Q3 Technologies since past 6 months. Q3 technologies understood our complex domain and have been able to provide technical solutions. They are professional in their approach and also willing to go the extra mile.
When looking for a company to take away the pain from bespoke development, Q3 technologies looked like an outfit that could handle the job. From the outset, their professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, observance of deadlines and technical expertise assured us that we were in safe hands. All demands placed on the project […]
Q3 technologies has been a development partner of HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) for more than a year. We have worked closely with their development teams in Gurgaon and are satisfied with their skills and work ethics. We deeply appreciate their team’s accuracy, adherence to schedules, and quality of work. Q3 technologies has developed and continues […]
We have seen tremendous value in engaging Q3 Technologies for Demandware development. It allowed us to to build a truly flexible hybrid team of in house and offshore developers who work excellent together. The Q3 team really felt like an extended part of my own team working through our progressive enhancements and projects with great […]
New to the technology space, we needed to develop an App to assist us deliver improved efficiencies with very specific tasks for our international buying team. We knew what it had to do but not the know how to make it a reality. Enter Q3 Technologies. After a brief fortunate meeting in Australia, Q3 responded […]
While working with Q3 Tech, I have found not only clever resources and a strong organization, but also people with the wish to establish true human relationships with foreign teammates, and this point to me is the best value – commonly not required from partners or outsourcers – to assure work quality, and to even […]
Q3 Technologies has been a valued business partner to VGL. Flexible in their approach, dedicated to our success, and easy with which to do business. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled the systems strategy that makes VGL the value leader in electronic retailing of jewelry and lifestyle products. I would recommend Q3 to anyone with […]
We met Q3 at the Gartner IT Expo in Orlando in 2012. When we decided to use Q3 as an extended offshore arm in developing our ERP Product named ERP Maestro, we believed that Q3 had the ability to deliver technology and services in a professional way. The Q3 team proved to be a very […]
It was evident to me early in the project that we had selected a strong partner in Q3, my view was reinforced with the project achieving all its success criteria – timelines, budget, solution flexibility, user acceptance and high client satisfaction. We found Q3 brought a great balance of project experience, technical rigour, and the […]
The INCLEN Trust International” is a research organization and during our relationship, Q3 has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues at any point. They have adapted to our every need for the development of complex […]
From the outset, Q3’s professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, feedback from Compass India and technical expertise assured us that we were in safe hands. It’s always nice to have a partner, who are flexible in their approach and willing to take every feedback provided on the way. Q3 has the good technical know-how […]
Q3 Technologies is our dependable IT partner, and they always astonish us with their innovation and reliability. They have been attentive to our needs and have provided us with innovative solutions that have enhanced our operations, lightened our workload, and proved invaluable to our organization. We entrusted them with the development of custom Game-Based Learning […]
For several years we work with the development group at Q3. It was and is a pleasure to work with talented, motivated and passionate people. We mainly focus on extensions and development in the Microsoft SharePoint space including development and enhancements of functions and features. Our portfolio includes Branding, Look and Feel, Front and Backed […]
Webnotions has been using the services of Q3 technologies for development, QA and customer support for over a year. I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made in all areas of our engagement with Q3. It has been a pleasure to work with the team leaders and team members, who do not treat […]
When we chose Q3 to develop the A SuperStudent concept we were looking for much more than just a technology provider. We needed a team that would understand our disruptive vision that students could be empowered through technology to achieve so much more. Q3 not only supported the vision, but treated the idea as their […]
I am very happy that Q3 don’t do what we say – they do what we want to accomplish! Other software developers tend to just carry out their job according to specifications without giving it the important thought: will this actually work? Q3 have always given us feedback on our specifications and intelligent thoughts on […]
It is a great pleasure to work with Kunal and his team at Q3, as they provide excellent online business solutions with great professionalism and customer service. Their willingness to understand project requirements and listening to our concerns and preferences makes them standout in the industry. They have done great job on various projects and […]
It has been great working with Q3. The team members working on my .Net system development project have taken the time to understand the business intent of the project. Further, they have suggested alternative technical mechanisms, for both infrastructure and screen-database interaction, which will better meet that business intent. They do good work, and I […]
I have been working directly with Q3 for well over one year. Working together, we have successfully completed three major projects. With each project our efficiency, partnership, and personal relationship has improved. The team is excellent at communication. They have tailored their processes to meet our demanding requirements. Their enthusiastic hard work is greatly appreciated.
Digital Canal Corporation is a software development organization located in the Midwestern US, specifically Iowa, where we have limited technological resources. Q3 has been a very good business partner for our company and I wish I had found Q3 sooner. Q3 has helped us to transform our business by increasing our product development capabilities such […]
We specialize in web and mobile software design. For one project that involved 5 CMS technologies, Blackberry and iPhone applications, we were searching for a partner from Europe to India and were seeing solution companies. At CeBIT 2009, we found Q3 Technologies under the Indian Pavilion and we went through a selection process by visiting […]
We found Q3 to be very responsive to our requirements. The team deployed with us worked hard to meet our objectives and deliverables. Q3 was flexible in accommodating our varied need for technical skill sets. A word of appreciation is also due to their client interfacing skills. We found them to be good listeners as […]
As a startup company, with a lot of talented people on board we need to make smart, fast and effective decisions. medXForce will provide products, tools and services to help impaired people e.g. after a stroke to communicate more efficiently and therefore provide a better quality of life, a faster reintegration into the community. MedXForce […]
We’ve worked together on a project which is quite difficult. From the very first day of this project, Q3 team tried to understand us and our needs ideally. They always kept the communication strong through peer-to-peer contacts and with reliable speeches. They successfully overcame all the technical difficulties encountered during the project. We want to […]
It has been great working with Q3. The team members working on my .Net system development project have taken the time to understand the business intent of the project. Further, they have suggested alternative technical mechanisms, for both infrastructure and screen-database interaction, which will better meet that business intent. They do good work, and I […]
We are very happy with Q3’s capabilities, quality of work, and time-to-deliver; all of which are very important for us. At Janalent, we develop and deploy Microsoft technology based solutions for our customers and partners and have worked with Q3 on a number of projects. We have been extremely satisfied with the speed, accuracy, and […]
Faced with the need for more resources, we were initially hesitant about how it would work to outsource some development work. Q3 has been an ideal partner; we now think of them as an extension of our development team, and appreciate all their efforts to learn about our people and our products. They have been […]
We are a software vendor for a .Net based product that includes extensive integration with SharePoint. Q3 joined our development team during 2013 to help expedite a release that was in progress. Since then Q3 team members have played an integral role in the on time delivery of this release and all subsequent releases. Their […]
We have been working with Q3 Technologies for upward of three years now. Q3 has been a valued partner in our approach to consumerization of enterprise IT with user friendly technologies and agile implementation. Q3 has worked on several platforms including the core partner relationship and mobility platform. Found them to be very responsive, flexible […]
In this difficult economic environment, Symfo decided to outsource one of its most critical developments to Q3 Tech. We were definitely reluctant doing so at the beginning of the project. But rapidly we understood that Q3 had the necessary skills and professionalism to bring the project to a successful realization. It was not always easy […]
We are currently working on a project with Q3. I am impressed with the quality and professionalism of their resources. What I appreciate most is that their developers took the initiative to study and understand requirements, our goal and the overall strategy, as opposed to mechanically executing requirements. This enabled them to make useful suggestions, […]
I began working with Q3 a few years ago as company was producing a new product. Over this time we have had three development and QA teams working closely together. During this time we communicate via phone, email and Skype on a daily basis. Our work together has been a great experience. One of the […]
The challenge to provide our customers data’s from ERP, helpdesk and ticket system in a native app on different platforms, such as Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS, we needed a partner who understands our business processes, who have the know-how integrated in our existing IT web services infrastructure and supports design and functionality from […]