DevOps Consulting – Guide for Choosing the Perfect DevOps Consulting Company

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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A growing IT industry demands more DevOps operations, especially in this age when businesses are making changes on high priority. DevOps operations implement changes with emphasis on collaborating operations through agile business practices. Sourcing DevOps consulting services instills efficiency in most business methods. Most startups today prefer DevOps consulting services, considering almost 90% of startups fail.

Startups that choose these services provide coordination and strength to internal teams. All the involved teams participate in respective parameters to perform all the necessary functions in sync. More emphasis should be put on selecting these services and making most of the DevOps, considering budget limitations. Here are practical tips to apply when looking for the best DevOps consulting company.

1) Communication Tools

Communication can make or break collaboration between an organization and the teams. It is even crucial in DevOps environments where cross-functional teams must collaborate. A top-down approach ensures that members understand everything happening within the organization. Successful implementation of DevOps methodologies begins with proper workflow, feedback, and continuous learning.

This success is only achievable with proper communication within the teams. Therefore, the DevOps consulting company you choose should provide the appropriate communication tools. Gauge its vocal and text communication through reports, emails, and phone and video calls. As a result, you will achieve better project quality and faster problem-solving.

2) Professionalism

A DevOps expert company should be friendly yet professional. However, friendliness should be limited, although it promotes proper communication and feedback. Professionalism means keeping up with deadlines, tracking resource allocation, and monitoring the tasks the team handles.

The consulting company should ensure that software products are running faster and more efficiently. Achieving quality through these steps calls for an honest approach to identifying issues and solving them earlier. Lack of professionalism and overfriendliness result in people overlooking these issues and delivering poor quality products.

3) DevOps Technical Expertise

The company you choose should have more than five years of experience in the efficient management of DevOps tool stacks. In addition, experience in using code and configuration management tools can show their proficiency in managing DevOps consulting services.

Other areas include code deployment, database management, system design, and architecture. Once you analyze the expertise levels, ensure the company aligns with your IT policies and goals.

4) Open-Mindedness

An expert DevOps company embraces continuous learning. Although DevOps engineers are exposed to industry pressure points and challenges, learning never stops. Every DevOps project presents unique challenges, considering the involvement of different teams.

The core philosophy of DevOps is working as a team to achieve the same goal. Therefore, the members involved should properly understand the project and why things must be done differently. Ignoring the guidelines jeopardizes the team or the next team within the product development cycle.

5) Industry Recognition

It is vital to check the company’s industry or international recognition. For example, the company should at least be known to other startups sourcing DevOps consulting services. In addition, the company should also have market recognition within your region.

With greater industry recognition, you are assured of great company experience and efficient services. The best way to select a company with an industry trademark is through referrals and reviews. In addition, you can collect information from other startups and how they benefit from these consulting services.

6) Empathy And Patience

Software development is complex considering the many stages, constant feedback, and multiple iterations. Not all team members will understand the project’s scope, especially junior members. Considering DevOps involves multiple teams, there might be experts and individuals who are yet to catch up.

Some may also know the basics and not advanced levels of operations. Empathy and patience give time to new members to learn and familiarize themselves with the project. They will also need frequent technical assistance from members with more experience. Choosing an empathetic and patient company will help you solve technical challenges within your team.

7) Latest Technology Trends

Most DevOps companies work on projects for a long time and will mainly focus on daily supplies. When this happens, they may not focus on updating new technologies and focus on deliverables. Therefore, the DevOps consulting company you choose should change their equipment frequently and work on a different project.

DevOps solutions providers work with various companies, making it easier to point out inefficiencies in your business processes. They should be able to find reasons for these underlying issues within the processes. Instead of pointing out your problems, the consulting company should dig deeper and solve the problem.


DevOps is becoming popular daily with its numerous advantages compared to existing product development methodologies. The best DevOps consultant can assist you in improving efficiencies within internal teams to tackle challenges. Hopefully, the tips in this guide will help you pick the perfect DevOps consulting company. The main focus should be on a company experienced in implementing these strategies as per your business needs. One of the biggest red flags when sourcing a DevOps company is the overreliance on automation and cloud infrastructure. The entire focus should be on developing a business environment with DevOps.

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  • – Latest Technology Trends
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