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Top 6 Web Development Trends To Watch In 2022

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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The internet is made up of over 1.5 billion individual websites, with more than 5 billion active users each day. Since the internet was born in 1983, there have been multiple advancements in the art of web development. If you own a business website or plan to create one soon, you must stay on top of the website development trends that keep changing. If you don’t do so, it could negatively impact your user experience, website performance and search rankings. You could lose your market share to the competition and your website could fall below on its SEO rankings, making it harder to discover.

Here are the top trends in web based application development in 2022 that you should understand:

1. AI-Powered Chatbots

Standard website chatbots have now evolved to become AI-driven chatbots. An AI chatbot uses NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) to understand user intent better and provide a more human experience. Businesses can cut down on costs by trading support managers for AI bots that learn on their own. Till today, AI chatbots have improved online experiences for more than 2 billion customers. By utilizing chatbot development services, businesses can effectively implement these advanced AI chatbots to enhance customer interactions and streamline operations.

Benefits of AI chatbots

  • Automated AI chatbots respond much faster during emergencies and handle situations faster.
  • Chatbots can instantly answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) and help users connect with the appropriate human support staff.

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology makes for two-way transaction events. This means every transaction gets verified by the decentralized blockchain network. Blockchain gathers data in links that get tied together, forming a chain. There are several benefits to it, including a safer interactive process and negligible errors.

Benefits of blockchain for web development

  • Blockchain reduces transaction contract numbers.
  • It brings down financial costs.

3. SPAs (Single Page Applications)

An SPA is a JavaScript-based web app that loads a singular HTML page in the user’s browser, updating content automatically without having to refresh the full page. SPAs are said to be a leading trend in web development today. Web development experts around the world are embracing SPAs in large numbers as giants like Facebook and Google have already adopted the trend.

Benefits of an SPA

  • An SPA is affordable and easy to create.
  • It takes up less server space and provides users with seamless data access on individual pages

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

When you incorporate AR and VR into your web design, your UX will reach heights that you never imagined. According to Statista, the VR, AR and MR (mixed reality) market will grow from $30.7 billion to $300 billion in 2024. With the spread of the global pandemic, physical businesses have moved online. Meanwhile, online businesses are innovating to provide new graphic and interactive experiences for customers on their websites.

Benefits of VR and AR

  • These technologies improve and elevate the website user experience.
  • They allow users to experience products without physically seeing them and before buying them.
  • They help online stores create tangible buying experiences.

5. Voice Search

Voice assistants have become a huge trend in the past few years. Tech giants Apple, Windows, Google and Amazon have all rolled out speech recognition and smart speaker technologies that have drastically increased voice searches in the virtual world. The voice assistant and voice search market is likely to grow to $11.2 billion by 2026, up from $2.8 billion in 2021. Approximately 51% of product research searches by consumers are done through voice-controlled gadgets. Consequently, an increasing number of consumers will start using voice search instead of typing text queries. To stay top-of-mind and relevant to audience searches, website owners must incorporate voice assistant features within their websites and optimise keywords for the same.

Benefits of voice search assist

  • Voice search allows users to order more products in less time.
  • It assists businesses in analysing customer and client behaviour.
  • It makes internal SEO initiatives more effective.
  • Voice search improves customer experience and increases brand loyalty.

6. Cybersecurity

One leading problem that websites, networks and businesses around the world face is cybercrime. Every business with an online component is looking at new ways to protect its networks, systems and data from unauthorised third-party access. No matter the size or nature of a business, cyberattacks are a threatening reality. With the rise in cases of cyberattacks and online fraud, web-based application development services are working to cover vulnerabilities and make it easier to protect customer and business data.

Benefits of cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity protocols ensure that websites and businesses are using secure CMSs, extensions and add-ons.
  • It helps choose safe servers and hosts.
  • With cybersecurity plans, web developers and enterprises can use firewalls more effectively.

Web development is an ever-changing domain, evolving to meet online customer needs and real-world business requirements. Most of the website development trends today aim to optimise mobile user experiences. In the future, these trends might shift to optimising the UX on smart wearables. When you follow the latest trends and implement them in your design, nothing can stop your website from delighting and amazing your visitors.

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