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Companies are leveraging bots to automate support helpdesks (including various call-center processes, IVR processes) and many other areas where bots can augment the manual scripted response from agents. With millions of Chatbots already flooding the market, only a handful of them actually gives the experience of human-like interactions.

Designing a high-quality Chatbot is not as simple as it seems from the onset, and there are many attributes to consider while conceptualizing, developing & adoption of bots Every industry has their own specific ontology which bot uses to understand queries and intents. Building supplemental models for a specific industry helps bot development companies to augment bots with industry-specific business measures, user terms and a foundation to build on. Q3 has matured supplemental models for industries like Retail (FMCG, FMCD), BFSI, Education, Healthcare, Travel, Transportation and Logistics.

Key Offerings:
  • Conversational & menu-driven bots
  • Integration with backend systems & database
  • Bots integrated with mobile apps
  • Voice-enabled bots
  • Transactional bots
  • Reporting and statistics
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